The Roof Of The House Should Not Be Like This Or It Will Have A Bad Effect

The roof of the house should not be like this or it will have a bad effect

The 12th house of the horoscope is considered the roof of the house. If you keep the roof of the house good, then the 12th house is also considered to be good. There are many types of roofs of a house, let’s have a look at these as suggested by the best Vastu experts in Delhi

* The roofs are mainly of three types –

Flat roof, sloping roof, and round roof. All three roofs are better according to Vastu. More floors can be built above the roof, but this is not possible in sloping roofs. However, there are some houses in which both the tomb and the sloping roof are used. In areas with high rainfall or snowfall, sloping roofs are usually built.

* There should not be any kind of waste on the roof of the house. Like nowadays people leave a part of two-by-two in the roof of the house for light. Due to this, there will always be air pressure in the house, which will have a bad effect on health and mind and brain.

Bad effect continues…

* Avoid making a sloping roof- In the construction of the roof, make sure that it is not of slant design. This leads to depression and other health problems.

* Do not put any kind of dirt on the roof of the house. Do not keep any kind of bamboo or waste items here. For people who have unused items on the roof of their houses, the negative forces are more active. People living in that house have negative views. There are also estrangement situations in the family.

* It is important to know in which direction the water tank should be placed on the roof of the house. The north-east direction is not suitable for keeping a water tank, it increases stress and children do not feel comfortable in reading and writing. The south-east direction is the direction of fire, hence it is also not considered suitable for installing a water tank.