Best Vastu Experts In Delhi

Best Vastu experts in Delhi

As per the Best Vastu experts in Delhi, Vastu science has been doing human welfare since ancient times. The ancient sources of Vastu were then memorized to the residents of every village, especially the elders. Experiments were always done. Vastu has been much publicized since the 90s. Presently every person has started to use the principles of Vastu. An object of the Samrangana Sutradhara is the ‘Vyavya Animal Temple’, ie there should be a place to keep animals in the Vyavya angle of the house. Presently, this place has been made a place for keeping carts, etc. because animals were used earlier for the work for which vehicles are used nowadays.

According to the law of Vaas i.e. Vaastu,

There is an abode of God in the North-East (Ishaan direction), so the place of worship should be constructed in the same place. Soukhyamichan Grihasthin: The established Gurusatva Nirutim. That is the householders who want happiness should keep the south-west direction (southwest corner) heavy in their houses.

Many such sutras are available to us in ancient texts. There is a special thing that we used to say to the elders – Indra, Yama, Raj. These three verses give auspicious and inauspicious results in any calculated construction.

As per the Best Vastu experts in Delhi the terms Indra and Raj are considered very auspicious, while the post of Yama is harmful and a death factor. Some people believe that the staircase should not end at the place of Yama i.e. 2,5,8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, etc. according to the above calculation.

According to the law of Vaas i.e. Vaastu,- 2

But in ancient Vastu texts, it is not mentioned for stairs. The clear instruction for the steps of the stairs is that the best is the number which is odd and there are two leftover dividing by three i.e. 17, 23, 29, etc. However, the number of paddies on the stairs is sufficient.

Also as per the Best Vastu experts in Delhi, if the beams, beams, timber of a room ends as per the above calculation, then it is considered inauspicious, so in such a case a link, beam, or beam is Auspiciousness can be done by doing more or less. Nowadays, the process of inserting hard, and beams into the houses is over.

Now a single lantern is placed over the entire roof. But there is still a practice of putting beams in big showrooms, marriage houses, or other large institutions. That is why the principles of Indra, Yama, and Raj are used not in the stairs, but in the roofs of houses, institutions, or big buildings.