What Is The Importance Of Vastu, Picture Of 7 White Horses, Know Here!

What is the importance of Vastu picture of 7 white horses know here

What is the importance of Vastu picture of 7 white horses know here :-

According to Vastu, the picture of horses is going to give rise in life, but it is very important to know in which direction and where it should be applied. Let’s know 5 special information in this regard from the leading Vastu consultant in Noida:

Picture of 7 white horses continued………….

1. Find a picture of 7 horses running on the beach as a meeting place for the house.
2. East direction is considered auspicious for putting a picture of a horse, but it is said to be placed in the south direction in the office.
3. By applying this picture, Lakshmi has permanent residence along with happiness and prosperity in the house.
4. It creates positive energy and thinking by eliminating negative energy.
5. According to Vastu Shastra, running horses are a symbol of speed, success, and strength. It promotes life.

Note: The number seven is very auspicious. Sapta Rishi, Indra seven colors of the bow, seven rounds, etc., many things reveal the secret of 7 points, so put a picture of 7 horses only. The picture of horses is often put on business institutions and offices, so whenever putting a picture of horses in the house, ask it only by asking an expert. He will give you the right picture and the right knowledge about the right place as it can only be done by looking at your house. If you do not want to put a picture of horses, you can also put pictures of floating fish.