If You Want Happiness, Good Fortune, And Prosperity Then Bring Home The Earthen Items(Mittee Ke Vastuain)

If you want happiness, good fortune, and prosperity then bring home the earthen items(Mittee ke Vastuain)

If you want happiness, good fortune, and prosperity then bring home the earthen items(Mittee ke Vastuain) :-

The fragrant aroma of Mati not only fills the mind, but life can also smell if its utensils, toys, and materials are

kept in the house. Things made of clay are a factor of happiness, good luck, and prosperity. The use of soil can make our life lucky.

Every person should live near the soil or soil element. Even under Vastushastra, the soil is said to be important. Drinking water from an earthen pot or keeping earthen utensils at home is considered extremely beneficial. By doing this, the positive energy remains around.

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But according to astrology and the best Vastu consultant in Delhi, there are some earthen pots that should be in every house. Those who want happiness and prosperity and success in their lives always, they should keep some special

kind of pottery in their house. In many families, the water of the pitcher is drunk, drinking the water of the

pitcher is auspicious for the effect of Mercury and Moon.

Even science believes that the water of the pitcher is very beneficial for health. If there is a pitcher in your house, keep it in the north-eastern direction of your house. It dissipates all the negative energies of your home and the surrounding environment.

Paths of happiness and prosperity are also opened in the family. If someone in the house is stressed or

mentally disturbed, then you ask them to water any plant from the pit of Mati. Drinking in lassi and tea

kulhad is something else, but these glasses made of clay also get rid of the side effects of Mars.

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Therefore, those who are affected by the wrath of Mars, they should drink any beverage in Kulhad.

Putting water under a peepal tree on a Saturday every Saturday in an ax will benefit your career.

You can also keep thirsty birds on your roof by filling water in Kulhar, so if you are looking for a

job then your search will be completed soon.

Keeping the idol of God made of clay in the house also eliminates your money related problems,

as well as stability of wealth.

Those who are facing financial problems should be burnt under the Peepal tree every Saturday.

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If troubles are going on in the married life of a person, then he should regularly light a clay lamp on a basil plant.

A childless man or woman should light four flames in a four-faced lamp in front of the idol of Shri Krishna.

The use of various objects or toys made of clay in the drawing-room increases the flow of money.