If You Want Happiness, Good Fortune, And Prosperity Then Bring Home The Earthen Items(Mittee Ke Vastuain)

If you want happiness, good fortune, and prosperity then bring home the earthen items(Mittee ke Vastuain)

Importance of The Earthen Items (Mittee Ke Vastuain) in Vastu Shastra to Bring Happiness, Good Fortune, And Prosperity

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science, holds a profound connection between the physical environment and human well-being. Among its various principles, the utilization of earthen items, known as "Mittee Ke Vastuain," plays a pivotal role in enhancing positive energy flow, inviting happiness, good fortune, and prosperity into one's living spaces. This article delves into the significance of these earthen items in Vastu Shastra, unveiling their transformative effects on the lives of individuals.

Harnessing Earth's Energy: The Role of Earthen Items

Incorporating earthen items in Vastu Shastra is a testament to the symbiotic relationship between nature and human habitation. These items, crafted from the earth's clay, resonate with the elemental energies, infusing spaces with positivity and vibrancy. From clay pots and statues to earthen lamps, each item holds a unique purpose in channeling the Earth's energy.

The Multifaceted Benefits of Clay Pots

Clay pots, or "mitti ke bartan," are more than just containers; they are vessels of health and prosperity. Their porous nature allows proper aeration, enhancing the taste and nutritional value of stored foods. These pots also imbibe excess moisture, preventing spoilage and extending the shelf life of edibles. Moreover, cooking in clay pots adds a distinct earthy flavor to dishes, elevating the dining experience.

Radiating Positivity with Earthen Statues

Earthen statues, sculpted with precision, hold aesthetic and spiritual significance in Vastu Shastra. Placing figurines of deities or nature-inspired elements like birds and animals can radiate positive energies throughout a space. These statues act as conduits for divine blessings, fostering a sense of tranquility and spiritual connection within the household.

Illuminating Abundance with Earthen Lamps

Earthen lamps, or "diyas," have been a part of Indian culture for ages, symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness. In Vastu Shastra, lighting earthen lamps during auspicious occasions not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings but also ushers in positive energies. The warm glow of the lamps dispels negativity, inviting prosperity and harmony into the home.

Harmonizing Elements with Clay Decor

Decorative pieces made from clay serve as an elegant way to harmonize the elements within a living space. Clay wall hangings, wind chimes, and pottery contribute to the equilibrium of the five elements—earth, water, fire, air, and ether—essential for a harmonious and balanced environment.

Mittee Ke Vastuain in Contemporary Architecture

Incorporating earthen items in modern architectural designs is a testament to the enduring relevance of Vastu Shastra. Architects and interior designers are recognizing the profound impact of these items on the overall well-being of inhabitants. From eco-friendly earthen building materials to stylish clay decor, contemporary spaces are seamlessly blending tradition with innovation.


The importance of Mittee Ke Vastuain in Vastu Shastra is a testament to the wisdom of ancient architectural practices. By incorporating earthen items into our living spaces, we can create an atmosphere of positivity, tranquility, and prosperity. From clay pots to earthen lamps, each item carries the essence of the earth's energy, fostering a harmonious connection between humans and nature. So, embrace these timeless traditions and invite happiness, good fortune, and prosperity into your life through the enchanting power of earthen items.


Q: What are Mittee Ke Vastuain?

A: Mittee Ke Vastuain, translated as earthen items, refer to objects made from clay or earth that are used in Vastu Shastra to enhance positive energies within living spaces.

Q: How do clay pots improve health?

A: Clay pots are porous and allow air circulation, which enhances the nutritional value and taste of stored food. Additionally, they absorb excess moisture, preventing spoilage.

Q: Can earthen lamps attract prosperity?

A: Yes, earthen lamps symbolize the victory of light over darkness. Lighting earthen lamps during auspicious occasions is believed to attract positive energies and prosperity.

Q: What is the significance of earthen statues?

A: Earthen statues, especially those of deities and nature-inspired elements, act as conduits for divine blessings, fostering spiritual connection and tranquility.

Q: How do earthen items harmonize elements?

A: Earthen decorative pieces help balance the five elements—earth, water, fire, air, and ether—within a space, creating a harmonious and balanced environment.

Q: Is Vastu Shastra relevant in contemporary architecture?

A: Yes, many architects and interior designers are integrating Vastu principles, including the use of earthen items, to create modern spaces that prioritize well-being and positive energies.

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