Vastu Tips For Husband Wife Relations

Vastu Tips for Husband Wife Relations

The bedroom is the most important place in our residence. It is important to be relaxed and peaceful. Many times even with all the facilities in the bedroom there is no rest. Many times there is no issue yet the tension between the husband and wife remains then it is due to the construction of the bedroom in the wrong place or wrong things there.

Let us know what the bedroom should be like as per the best Vastu experts in Delhi.

The direction of the bedroom The main bedroom also known as the master bedroom should be towards the southwest south or northwest vyavya of the house. If the house has an upper floor of a house then the master should be in the southwest corner of the upper floor.

How to sleep While sleeping in the bedroom the best Vastu consultant in Delhi says that one should always sleep with his head close to the wall. The feet should not sleep in the south and east direction. Sleeping on foot towards the north has the potential for health benefits and economic benefits. Sleeping on the west side of the body removes tiredness sleep is good. If there are cracks in the wall get it repaired.

Which Items Should Not be There

Do not place a mirror in front of the bed.
The mattress of a double bed should not be in two parts.
The bedroom should not contain religious images.
The bedroom should not have a red coloured bulb. The blue lamp will work.
Do not keep a bad bed pillow curtain bedsheet quilt etc.
There should be no broken bed in this room. The size of the bed should be as square as possible.
The bed should not be installed under roof beams.
Do not place the bed in front of the bedroom door. The bed made of wood is the best.
Do not keep broom shoe slippers Atala electronic items broken and voiding wings broken objects torn clothes or plastic items in the bedroom