Which Planet Type Of House Do You Live In?

Which planet type of house do you live in

As we seek harmony and positivity in our lives, the ancient Indian practice of Vastu Shastra offers valuable insights into creating balanced living spaces. One crucial aspect of Vastu Shastra is the influence of planets on the design and orientation of houses. Let’s delve into the various planet types of houses as per Vastu Shastra, understanding how each planet's energy can impact your living environment. Whether you're building a new home or renovating an existing one, these insights will help you create a dwelling that resonates with positive energies.

Which Planet Type of House Do You Live in as per Vastu Shastra?

In Vastu Shastra, different planets are associated with distinct energies and characteristics, which can profoundly influence the overall aura of a house. To ensure a harmonious living environment, it's essential to align the planetary energies with the design and layout of your home.

Let's explore the different planet types of houses and their corresponding qualities:

Sun Type House 🌞

The Sun represents power, leadership, and vitality. A Sun type house is ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their authoritative and ambitious traits. These houses typically feature well-lit and spacious rooms, reflecting the Sun's illuminating energy. South-facing entrances are favored for Sun type houses, inviting positivity and success.

Moon Type House πŸŒ™

The Moon symbolizes emotions, intuition, and creativity. A Moon type house encourages a nurturing and imaginative atmosphere. Such houses often incorporate calming blue and white hues, along with soft textures. East-facing entrances channel the Moon's serene energy, promoting tranquility and emotional well-being.

Mars Type House ♂️

Mars signifies energy, courage, and determination. A Mars type house is suitable for those seeking an energetic and dynamic living space. These houses may feature vibrant colors and bold designs, reflecting Mars' fiery nature. South-facing entrances or entrances in the southeastern direction are recommended to harness Mars' vigor.

Mercury Type House ☿️

Mercury represents communication, intellect, and adaptability. A Mercury type house promotes a space conducive to learning and effective communication. These houses often have designated study areas and well-ventilated rooms. North-facing entrances align with Mercury's analytical energy, fostering mental clarity.

Jupiter Type House ♃

Jupiter symbolizes wisdom, growth, and prosperity. A Jupiter type house encourages a spacious and abundant living environment. These houses may have high ceilings and expansive layouts. Northeast-facing entrances capture Jupiter's positive vibrations, attracting abundance and harmony.

Venus Type House ♀️

Venus embodies love, beauty, and luxury. A Venus type house exudes elegance and charm. These houses feature aesthetic decor, comfortable furnishings, and soothing colors. Northeast or southeast-facing entrances align with Venus' sensual energy, creating a haven of relaxation.

Saturn Type House β™„

Saturn represents discipline, stability, and endurance. A Saturn type house promotes a structured and organized living space. These houses emphasize durability and functionality in design. West-facing entrances or entrances in the western direction resonate with Saturn's grounding energy, fostering stability.

Rahu Type House πŸŒ’

Rahu signifies ambition, innovation, and transformation. A Rahu type house is suited for those seeking unconventional and progressive living spaces. These houses may incorporate unique architectural elements and modern designs. Southwest-facing entrances channel Rahu's transformative energy, encouraging growth.

Ketu Type House 🌘

Ketu represents spirituality, intuition, and detachment. A Ketu type house promotes a serene and spiritually inclined atmosphere. These houses often feature meditation areas and minimalist decor. Entrances in the southern direction align with Ketu's introspective energy, fostering inner harmony.


Creating a living space that aligns with the energies of planets as per Vastu Shastra can have a profound impact on your life and well-being. Each planet's unique qualities contribute to a harmonious and balanced environment. By understanding the influence of planetary energies and implementing appropriate design elements, you can cultivate a home that resonates with positivity, prosperity, and tranquility.

Remember, while Vastu Shastra provides valuable insights, personal preferences and practical considerations should also play a role in shaping your living space. Balancing aesthetics, functionality, and energetic alignment will result in a truly holistic and enriching living experience.


Q: Is it necessary to follow Vastu Shastra for house construction?

While not mandatory, Vastu Shastra provides guidelines for creating harmonious living spaces. Adhering to these principles can enhance the energy flow in your home and contribute to your well-being.

Q: Can I make adjustments to an existing house to align with Vastu principles?

Yes, you can make changes to an existing house to better align with Vastu Shastra. Consult a Vastu expert to determine suitable adjustments for your specific situation.

Q: How do planetary influences affect our living spaces?

Planetary energies can influence our emotions, behaviors, and overall well-being. Designing a house based on specific planetary influences can create a more balanced and positive living environment.

Q: What is the significance of entrance direction in Vastu Shastra?

The direction of the entrance plays a crucial role in channeling specific energies into the house. Different directions correspond to different planets and their qualities.

Q: Can I combine multiple planetary influences in my house design?

Yes, you can integrate the energies of multiple planets in your house design. However, it's essential to maintain a harmonious balance to prevent conflicting energies.

Q: How can I determine the planetary type of my house?

Consulting a Vastu expert is recommended to accurately determine the planetary type of your house and receive personalized guidance on design and adjustments.

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