Which Planet Type Of House Do You Live In?

Which planet type of house do you live in

Apart from the direction of the house, the effect of which planet is affected by the Vastu of the house and the trees and plants surrounding it. There are many good planets in your horoscope, but if you live in a bad house, then these are all useless. Let’s know which house of which planet is according to Lal Kitab and the best Vastu experts in Delhi:

House of the sun

If the house is east facing, then it is the house of the Sun. Apart from this, the place of water in most houses will be on the right hand as soon as it enters the gate. If a tree of sharp fruit is planted and there is a big door, then it is a firm house of the Sun. If there is more light than air, more light also brings darkness to life. Vastu inside this house is necessary to be fine only then it will bear fruit.

Moon house

Though Chandra’s direction is averted, but Chandra’s house is mostly in the west or north angle. If it is not in this angle, then there will be a well, hand pump, pond, or running water 24-25 steps away or right in front of it, then in such a situation, it will be Chandra’s house. If there are more milk trees around the house, it will still be Chandra’s house. But if there are trees and plants related to Saturn around this house, then it will be a house with Moon and Saturn, which is harmful.

House of mars

The direction of Mars is South. If Mars is bad in your horoscope, then you will get this house. If the house is south facing, then Neem tree will decide whether Mars will give good effect or not. The south side is less affected by the neem tree, but there is no guarantee that the house will be fruitful or not.

House of mercury

Apart from the north-facing house, there is a sign of the house of the planet Mercury that there is empty space around it. It may be that the house looks isolated from all the houses alone. If it is not, there will be wide leaf trees around the house. If there is a house with a guru, then that house will be the house of hostility of Mercury i.e. harmful to job and business.

House of Jupiter

Jupiter means Guru’s house is very pleasant. Such houses have pleasant airways. Often there is a peepal tree or shrine in front of such houses. Its door is to the north or north. There is no event or accident here, the mind remains calm and the respect of the members of such houses increases. But the condition is that the tree belonging to the enemy planets of the Guru planet should not be around the house.

House of Venus

By the way, Venus is the owner of the fiery angle, but apart from this, if you have left a raw place at one place in the house, then it will be the effect of Venus there. If the entire house itself is not floored, it will be considered Venus’s house. There is a cotton, money-plant, or any vine lying on the ground around the house, it is the firm house of Venus. The direction of Venus and Moon is the same. Often villages have such houses.

House of Saturn

If the house is in any direction other than the west-facing gate and it has a basement, then it will be a house with the influence of Saturn. There is not even a basement but there are kikar, mango, and palm trees, then it will be the house of Saturn. If there are three, then Saturn will have an impact on this house in a firm form. The back wall is rough. If that wall falls, then Saturn is a sign of deterioration.

Rahu’s house

The angle of south is the angle of Rahu. Rahu has its place in the toilet. Apart from this, Rahu’s house has a terrible feeling from within. If Rahu has good effect, then it will be the house of family and Dhanapati and if Rahu is bad, it will be the house of ghosts. Even a scary house lying vacant for several days will be affected by Rahu. If there are cactus, acacia tree or thorn bushes around this house, then it will be Rahu’s house. Murder or suicide may occur in such a house. If your house is like this, then your relatives will rarely come to you.

Ketu House

Ketu’s house can be good as well as bad. The sign of Ketu’s house is that this house will be corner. The house will be open on 3 sides, open on one side or open on 3 sides and any companion house on one side or the house itself will be open on 3 sides. Ketu’s house may have male children, grandchildren, but there will be only 3. There may be tamarind tree, sesame plant or banana tree around the house. In this house there is a risk of children, windows, doors, bad wind, sudden cheating.