vastu for wealth

Keep in mind these Vastu tips related to the safe and do these easy measures for money gain

According to Vastu Shastra, the place of the vault is the place of Kuber Dev. The vault is believed to be the abode of Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Therefore, the place of the safe should be in the auspicious direction.

According to the belief, by taking some special measures related to the safe, the wealth of the people increases. If you want your vault wealth to grow. Keep these things in mind if the stocks of money and grains are filled in the house:-

1. While keeping the safe, keep in mind the direction. Always keep the safe or money cupboard in the west direction in such a way that its door opens towards east. One should avoid the door of the Safe towards the South Direction .
2. Always take care of cleanliness at the place where the safe is kept. Because Lakshmi ji resides only in a clean place. The door of the vault or the cupboard where you keep the money should never be in front of the washroom. Otherwise, there is a problem in accumulating money.
3. The safe, the purse or the place to keep the money should never be completely emptied. A mirror should be placed in the vault in such a way that the reflection of wealth is visible. Similarly, you can also keep a small mirror in your purse.
4. According to Vastu, no weight or stuff should be kept on top of the vault. This results in loss of money.
5. There should be no webs around the vault, if webs are found, then they should be cleaned immediately. Also, never touch the safe with dirty hands.


1. Place a peepal leaf in the safe. Make a swastika mark on this leaf with vermilion. You have to do this process for five consecutive Saturdays. With this your safe will always be full of money.
2. To remove the shortage of money, keep seven turmeric bales in place of keeping money on Thursday. Before placing it, keep turmeric in front of Jupiter. After that keep it in the safe. 

These remedies are excellent ways to stay away from shortage of wealth for generation's to come.