Vastu Tips To Help Improve Relationships And Be In Harmony With Nature

Vastu tips to help improve Relationships and be in Harmony with Nature

Many times there is tension and fighting in the house without any reason. There would be bitterness and indifference in mutual relationships. If you want happiness in your life then definitely follow these measures recommended by one of the most famous and the best Vastu experts in Delhi. Husband and wife are two wings of the same bird. If the relationship is to fly high in the sky then both wings must be equal and strong.

Here we have brought special things related to both astrology and Vastu which will definitely be beneficial for you.

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These Vastu and eight astrological remedies by the best Vastu consultant in Delhi will prevent the relationship cracks will also stop to some extent:

For five Mondays consecutively the husband and wife get up early in the morning and take a bath and together go to the temple of Lord Shiva. Going to the temple with full devotion offers water to Lord Shiva.

Every fifth Tuesday the wife should write her husband’s name with a red pen on a Bhojpatra and chant Hanumate Namah Mantra and place it in any corner of the house.

Offer jaggery and turmeric to Lord Ganesha every third Wednesday.

Every Thursday Saptadhan birds kiss pigeons feed the fish add water to the basil plant and feed ants every day.
Offer Kheer to Goddess Lakshmi every sixth Fridays and give a bright item to the little girl.
At night the wife should keep vermilion under her husband’s pillow.

On the second day, the husband wakes up in the morning and drops half the vermilion at home somewhere. Fill half the vermillion with the wife’s demand. Similarly, the husband should also keep camphor under the wife’s pillow. Burn it the next morning. This is a tremendous way to get rid of the quarrels between husband and wife.

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On Saturday offer a red flower and burn incense lamps on the picture of mother Kali or Durga and chant the following mantra for twenty-one days with one hundred eight rhinestone garlands and after receiving the benefits flow the garland into the water.

Regular recitation of Parvati Mangal Stotra or Parvati Chalisa also intensifies mutual relationships.
Some General Vastu tips should be also kept in mind because they are also responsible for general harmony in the home. Suggested by the leading Vastu consultant in Noida. According to Vastu drainage of water in the north or east direction is economically auspicious.

Therefore these things must be kept in mind while building a house:

The bed should be kept in the house towards the north or northeast. For newlyweds, this direction is considered very good. If it is not possible to do so, you can keep your bed in the southwest also.

Put beautiful shapes in the bedroom. Such as pictures of young children’s candles rose flower painting. Do not post-war scenes of wild animals.

Decorate the bedroom with red paint. Like red colored bed sheet red light  red flower  red candle  red crystal ball etc

There should not be a mirror in front of or behind the bed.
If it is helpless to keep a mirror due to lack of space then keep it covered with cloth. Having mirrors in the bedroom affects negative energy in relationships.

Do not keep pictures or idols of God in the bedroom. Pictures of ancestors should also not be kept in the bedroom. Due to lack of space, it is necessary to keep the place of worship in the bedroom then keep the curtain.

Do not keep watery things like aquariums in the bedroom. Similarly, appliances like plant TV computers should not be kept in the bedroom.

The bed should not be right in front of the door. This has a bad effect on health.

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A mattress should be used on the bed. A bifurcated bed can increase the distance in a relationship. Do not lay a torn or very old sheet and also take care of cleanliness.

Love remains in the married life if the room is rectangular.

The color of the room also affects love. Use light and pleasing eyes in the room. Do put a big picture of the husband and wife smiling together in the room.

Kapoor or camphor smoke is auspicious once a week at home.

It is auspicious to put two grains of Nakesha and eleven leaves of Tulsi in wheat.

Putting cloves in mustard oil lamps at home is auspicious.

milk should be offered to the basil plant every Thursday.

It is auspicious to kill splashes of milk before baking bread on the pan.

Remove the first roti for Gau Mata.

three doors in the house should not be in the same line.

Do not keep dried flowers at home.

Put pictures of saints and mahatmas in the meeting giving blessings.

Do not keep broken scraped unnecessary items in the house.

Put a picture full of greenery in the corner of the southeast direction.

The house should not have dripping taps.

The furniture of round edges in the house is auspicious.

Place the basil plant in the gallery in the east direction or near the place of worship.

Follow these simple rules suggested by the Topmost Vastu consultant in Delhi and see the things changing around you.