Vastu Tips For A New House If You Are In The Process Of Building A House Then Do Read It

Vastu Tips for a New House If you are in the Process of Building a House then do Read it

Read below these important tips by the Vastu expert in Noida

If your plot is square then you should build a house at the back, leaving space in front of it.

In case your plot is rectangular then the house should be built in the front part only.

Tapering plot like a rectangular plant build the house in the front part and put Halogen lights on both the corners immediately at the backside of the Plot.

Big tree a big building etc behind your house then perfect. It protects you.

There should be no stairs towards the main door.

Three important steps in home construction as per Vastu are at the time of the Start of work. Installation of main doors. Graha Pravesh.

Hang crystals on windows for auspiciousness Hanging crystals on windows brings positive energy. When the sunlight falls on them a rainbow-like shape is produced which brings prosperity to the house.

Put a mirror in front of the locker Put such a mirror in front of the locker which shows the reflection of the locker. It doubles the money symbolically.

Drawing room direction Your drawing room should always be towards the north direction. Also, place the furniture along the southern and western walls.

These tips might sound very easy but they hold immense importance as per Vastu and are suggested by the best Vastu experts in Delhi. Hence shouldn’t be taken lightly.