Maintenance Of Wardrobes To Avoid Hidden Negativity As Per Vastu

Maintenance of wardrobes to avoid hidden negativity as per Vastu

Maintenance of wardrobes to avoid hidden negativity as per Vastu

In the rain, especially the clothes of expensive, brocade and heavy work should be taken care of. Due to moisture, dark spots on the clothes get spoiled. Moisture leads to fungus due to adsorption and cold. If we consider Vastu such things can because troubles and have to be avoided. Rust, torn clothes, etc are not a good symbology for Vastu.

Use Sunmica

Your wardrobes should be properly constructed to avoid the cold so that the weather will not affect clothes and other items inside the wardrobes. It is preferable to apply sunmica all over the place in the cupboard made of wood or ply. Clothes do not absorb moisture due to Sunmica on the ply and avoid spoilage.

Effect on jewelry too

Before designing wardrobes, make small drawers in it, in which jewelry or valuables can be kept safe because moisture can also damage jewelry. There is also blackness in it because of moisture and the blackness can generate negativity inside the wardrobe even if you have perfect Vastu outside.

Safety measures from the development of negativity

From the point of view of safety, a phenyl tablet can be kept in clothes, but it causes a smell. But there is no loss of clothes. 
Similarly, neem leaves can also be kept which are ideal in case you are comfortable with them. Many people have a floor cupboard, which does not even have a door. Keep the clothes completely covered, so that they can be safe. Also, put cotton cloth below.

Light Color Wardrobe -

The color of the wardrobe should be light as per Vastu. It has a special cream and white in color. The light color keeps the lights in the wardrobes. Similarly, it can be designed to suit the room. These days, wardrobe doors must be closed properly. Do not let the wind go away at all.