12 Important Things Of Vastu

12 Important Things Of Vastu
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Building a house is a significant endeavor, and paying attention to the entrance is crucial for a harmonious and prosperous living space. According to Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science, the entrance of a home plays a pivotal role in influencing the energy flow and overall well-being of its occupants. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the 12 important things you should know about designing the entrance of your house as per Vastu principles. Let's dive in and create an entrance that welcomes positivity and prosperity!

What Should The Entrance Be Like?

When you are in the process of constructing your dream home, the entrance holds immense significance. It's the gateway through which energy enters and exits your living space. To ensure a balanced and harmonious atmosphere, follow these important guidelines for the entrance:

1. The Main Door Direction

The main entrance should ideally face east, north, or northeast, as these directions are considered auspicious according to Vastu. This allows the morning sunlight to enter, promoting positivity and well-being.

2. Door Placement

Ensure that the entrance door is placed in the center of the wall and doesn't align with the corners. This creates a balanced energy flow throughout the house.

3. Materials and Colors

Choose sturdy and solid materials for the main door. Wooden doors are highly recommended, as they bring warmth and natural energy. Opt for colors like brown, deep red, or orange to enhance the positive vibes.

4. Door Size

The main door should be larger than the other doors in the house. This symbolizes abundance and welcomes good fortune.

5. Threshold Placement

Avoid placing any obstacles or shoes at the entrance, as it hinders the energy flow. Keep the area clean and clutter-free.

6. Decorative Elements

Adorn the entrance with auspicious symbols like Swastika or Om. These symbols bring positivity and harmony to the home environment.

7. Lighting

Proper lighting at the entrance is essential. Ensure there is adequate lighting, and consider installing a bright and beautiful lamp to attract positive energy.

8. Doorbell Placement

Place the doorbell on the right side of the entrance. It's believed that the sound of the bell wards off negative energy.

9. Reflections and Mirrors

Avoid placing mirrors facing the entrance, as they may bounce back energy. If a mirror is necessary, ensure it's not directly opposite the entrance.

10. Threshold Height

Keep the threshold slightly elevated compared to the interior floor level. This prevents negative energy from entering the house.

11. Aromatic Plants

Having aromatic plants like basil or money plants near the entrance purifies the air and creates a welcoming ambiance.

12. Numerology and Address

Ensure the total digits of your house address add up to a favorable number. Consult a numerologist if necessary to ensure positive vibrations.


Designing the entrance of your house according to Vastu principles can greatly impact the energy and overall atmosphere of your living space. By paying attention to the placement, direction, materials, and decorative elements, you can create a welcoming and positive environment that promotes well-being and prosperity. Remember, every small detail matters, and following these Vastu guidelines can lead to a more fulfilling and harmonious life.


Q: Can the entrance face the south direction?

No, the south direction is not recommended for the main entrance as it may bring in negative energy. It's better to choose east, north, or northeast directions.

Q: Can I have a metal door for the entrance?

While wooden doors are preferred, metal doors can be used if they are aesthetically pleasing and well-designed. Just make sure they align with Vastu principles.

Q: How can I enhance the entrance's positive energy?

Placing a beautiful, well-lit lamp and using auspicious symbols can enhance the positive energy of the entrance.

Q: Is it necessary to follow Vastu for the entrance?

While not mandatory, following Vastu principles for the entrance can create a more harmonious and positive living environment.

Q: Can I place a shoe rack at the entrance?

It's better to avoid placing a shoe rack right at the entrance, as it may obstruct the energy flow. Instead, keep it slightly away from the main door.

Q: Is it essential for the main door to be larger?

A larger main door symbolizes abundance and prosperity. However, it should still be proportionate to the overall structure of the house.

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