Vastu Expert On Clock Directions

Vastu expert on clock directions

The clock is in all of us as per Vastu expert.. But in which direction of the house is it auspicious to know how few of

us know. Come, know some special things according to the Vastu of the clock.

– If the clock is in the south direction in your house, then remove it now because it is not right for you and your

family. This is the direction of stagnation and due to this, the health of the main member of your household is affected.

– Watches are also different according to Vastu. It is believed in Vastu that if you have a pendulum clock in your

house then it is good for you. This promotes people. This clock should be placed in the west direction.

Directions continues,

– If there is a clock in your house that does not run and is lying. You should remove such watches and throw

them outside the house immediately. This brings negative energy to the house. [ Vastu expert ]

– Black, blue, and saffron color clock should not be installed in the house. This is not according to Vastu. Also, if

the clock in your house is square and round, then there are auspicious signs. Such a watch is auspicious for

you. Applying them brings happiness and peace to the home. This also leads to the progress of the family.

Vastu Ideas from Narada-Purana [ Vastu expert ]

If you want to build a house, first of all, the area i.e. the land should be tested by smell, color, taste, and shape. If
the place smells like soil, honey, honey, then it smells like flowers to Brahmins, it smells like sour to Kshatriyas
and smells like meat to Vaishyas, then that place is valid for the Shudra caste. If the color of the soil there is white
for Brahmins, if it is red then for Kshatriyas, if it is yellow then for Vaishyas and if it is black then it is considered
suitable for the residence of Shudras, if the taste of the soil there is sweet then it is considered suitable for Brahmins.
If it tastes bitter and spicy like chili, then it is considered good for Kshatriyas, if it is sour for Vaishyas and if it
has astringent taste then it is considered good for Shudras. East and north direction is considered to be very
beneficial for all. In other directions, low land is harmful to everyone.

Home Bhoomi Examination –

Where the house is to be built, make a cistern of equal length, width, and depth from the elbow to the little finger,
then the soil dug in that kund should be filled, if the soil remains after filling the soil, then Basing in that
place increases wealth, if the soil becomes less, then there is loss by staying there, and if the tank is full, then the
land should be considered as a medium after that take back the soil from that pool and fill it with water. And
after filling in the evening, if there is water left in it after seeing the morning, then that space is going to increase
the price further, and if it is not left then it is medium and if there is a crack inside it, then it is hungry soil.
Staying there, only the work of filling the stomach will be done.
In this way, after examining the habitable place thoroughly, knowledge of the directions should be done in the
land containing the above characteristics, for that, a circle should be made in the flat land and in the middle of it
the Dwadsangul cone i.e. twelve divisions or twelve fingers containing the festival. Measure the wood and establish it
in the middle of that standing circle, and know the directions by Diksadhan method, then the name of the doer ie the one whose name is plot or land, he himself is the Shadvarga net area (of the length and breadth of the Vastu land). Do the multiplication), make a quadrilateral according to the direction of the direction equal to the length of the width of the quadrilateral, make a beautiful shape ie boundary wall on that quadrilateral line, the length width consists of eight gates in all four directions, in the direction of Pradakshina, it is in this way. Write, as from north to south of the east wall – first – loss, second – poverty, third – wealth gain, fourth – royal respect, fifth lot of wealth, sixth – theft, seventh – anger, and eighth – fear. After this, eight parts were also written from east to west of the south wall.
Eastside wall (North to South)
Ishaan loss, poverty, wealth, royalty
South Wall (East to West)
fire death bondage fear wealth gain wealth growth fearlessness disease fear weakness southwest
West wall (south to north)
Southwest, son loss, enemy growth, prosperity, wealth, good fortune, extreme misfortune, sorrow, grief
North wall (west to east)
Vyavya Female Loss Weakness Loss Grain Profit Wealth Growth Fear Disease Ishaan
Similarly, in the houses of the east and other directions, one should understand the door and its fruits, the width of the door should be made by making doors of twice the height of the house, according to the above results, after making the wall, as much as in the inner part of the boundary wall. The land is saved, make eighty-one blocks out of it. Understand the place of Brahma in the nine divisions between them, the thirty-two parts which are adjacent to the boundary wall, they are called pishansh, building a house with them gives sorrow and fear, if a house is built inside the remaining parts. He is the giver of son and grandson and increase of wealth.
The direction of Vastu land and the Vidisha line is called the vein of Vastu, and where there is a combination of Brahmabhag, Vampire Bhaga, and Veera, it is called Marma Sandhi of Vastu, that Marma Sandhi is considered to be a negative factor in Griharambhaga and Griha Pravesh. (N.P.T.J.Yo.P.558.1/2)

Mass in the beginning [ Vastu expert ]

Margashirsha, Falgun, Baisakh, Magha, Shravan, and Kartik are the ones who give son, health, and wealth at the beginning of this month.

Square and square in the directions[ Vastu expert ]

In the eight directions east etc., there are eight classes respectively, Garun Marjar Singh, dog, snake, mouse, gaj, and Shashak are respectively of these directions, the fifth class from themselves are mutual enemies, in which village or in which direction the house If it is to be made, the person who builds the house is called Sadhak, Karta and Bharta, etc., it should be kept in mind, by writing the square number of the village of Saadhya, keeping the square number of the sadhak in the left part of it and dividing it by eight, the remainder is that of the seeker. There is money, in the opposite way, i.e. by placing the square number of the end in the left part of the square number of the seeker, the number formed by dividing it by eight is the debt of the seeker, in this way the number of loans is less and the number of money is more. If it is considered more auspicious, that means it is auspicious to build a house in that direction and village. An example is as follows:-

Vastu means of knowledge of land and house’s wealth loan income constellation wise and part

When the width is multiplied by the length of the Vastu land or house, the product is called the product, keeping that term in 6 places, multiply it by 8,3,9,8,6 respectively and in the product 12,8,8,27 respectively. Divided by,7,9, then the remainder is money, debt income constellation wise and part respectively, if wealth is more then the house is auspicious, if the debt is more then the house is inauspicious, and odd 1,3 If income is 5,7,9 then it is auspicious, and even 2,4,6,8, income is inauspicious, counting from the house’s nakshatra to its nakshatra (nakshatra of the name), whatever is the number in it.
Divide by 9, then if the remainder i.e. star 3 is left, then wealth is destroyed, 5 is the loss of fame, and if 7 is left then the house owner dies, counting the amount of the house and your zodiac, mutually 2 or 12 If there is a loss of money, and if it is 9 or 5, then there is a loss of a son, and if it is 6 or 8 then it is inauspicious if it is auspicious in other numbers, then there is a fire in that house if there is an aspect of Sun and Mars. If there is a fear of, if there are other blows or parts, then all the desired things are accomplished.

Vastu Purush status[ Vastu expert ]

In the three months of Bhadon etc., by turning his head towards the east, etc. directions, a Vastu Purush named Mahasarpaswaroop Chara, sleeping on the left side, move in circumambulation, at the time in which the Vastu Purush’s head is, at that time making the door of the house in the same direction. It is necessary that by making the door of the house in the opposite direction from the face, there is a disease, grief, and fear, but if there is a door in all four directions of the house, then it is not a defect.

Foundation material [ Vastu expert ]

To lay the foundation of the house, the value of southeast direction is, in that direction, make a pit of length, breadth, and depth of your right hand in the southeast angle and place bricks with gold, holy place soil, grains, and sevhar in the inner part of the house. Whatever is the length, the navel of Vastu Purush resides in the middle of it, three fingers of Vastu Purush resides below it, and by placing a cone in it, there is the growth of son, etc.

Cone proof [ Vastu expert ]

Khadir (Khair) Arjuna Shawl Yugpatra (Kachanar) Rakt Chandan Palash Raktshal Raktshal A cone is formed from the wood of a huge tree, 24, 23, 20, and 16 finger cones are made for Brahmins, etc., three equal to that cone. By dividing, a quadrangle in the upper part, an octagon in the middle part, and a round circle in the lower part are made, in this way a soft and hole-free cone with excellent characteristics is made on an auspicious day, it is formulated by Shadvarga with pure formula ( Formula equal to the length and breadth of the house) In the earth house area, except Mridu, Dhruva, Ksiprasangak, Amavasya and Rikta tithi in the constellations, on other dates except for Sunday, Tuesday and variable Lagna, the eighth place in other Varas and other stable or dual-ascendant There should be a pure planet, there should be an auspicious zodiac sign, and there is an auspicious Navamsa in it, there is a combination of auspicious planets in that ascendant, in such times, the divines (of astrology) who tell the Muhurta with auspicious instruments and auspicious songs of fortunate women, etc. The place of the cone in Kukshisthan before the worship (hospitalization) of learned Brahmins Worship, if there are auspicious planets in the center and triangle from the ascendant and the malefic planets and the moon in 3,6,11, then that cone installation is said to be the best.

Home differences [ Vastu expert ]

There are six divisions of a house, one of them is a school, a dishaala, a trishala, a chatushala, a saptsala, and a tensala, each of these ten schools has 16 distinctions, Dhruva, Dhanya, Jai, Nand, Khar, Kant, Manoram, Sumukh, There are houses named Dirmukh, Kroor, Shatrud, Swarnad, Kshaya, Akrand, Vipul and Vijay, these houses should be counted respectively by the difference of four letters.

Spread difference [ Vastu expert ]

In the first four gurus, by writing, short them below the first guru. Write a sign, then write the same type of guru or small symbol as above, then in the third line below it, write a small sign below the first guru symbol, and write the same sign in the right part as it is above guru or small, and In the back left part, complete it with the Guru sign, in the same way, write again and again till all the small marks are done in the row (Prasar). In this way, because of having four directions, there are 16 distinctions from 4 letters, in each distinction, considering the four signs as the direction before circumambulation, where there are small signs, there is the door of the house and the atrium (front of the door, platform). It should be built, in this way, there are 16 types of houses in the east direction with the distinction of the atrium.
In the east direction of the Vastu land, the bathroom should be kept in the Agni Kon, the bedroom in the south, the arsenal in the south, the food house in the west, the house of the gods should be kept in the north and the place of water in the north-east corner. Starting with the kitchen, then the place to extract milk and ghee, then the toilet, then the study, then the women’s cohabitation, the preparation of medicines and adornments, it is said to be auspicious.

Name and direction of income [ Vastu expert ]

There are eight types of income in the eastern eight directions, namely Dhwaja, Dhumra Singh, Swan, Taurus, Khar (donkey), Gaj, and Dhwanksh (crow).

Malleable tree near the house

Having found Gular, Waheda, mango, neem, and thorny trees, all kinds of trees with milk, peepal, kapitha (Kaitha), Agastya, Sindhuvar, and tamarind, all these trees are said to be condemnable, if all these trees are in the south and west of the house, then they are in the house. On the tree of the tree, the souls of small children, on the sycamore tree, the souls of women, on the mango tree, the souls of the brahmins, on the neem tree, the spirits of the demons, and on the tamarind tree all kinds of souls start residing. Whenever there is any kind of work going against their nature inside the house, they start their trouble.

Home proof

The pillars of the house are the legs of the house, so they are best to be even in numbers like 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. Odd numbers are considered harmful, the house should neither be raised too high nor too high Lower, that is why the height of the wall ie wall should be made according to the fulfillment of one’s desire, in the house which is built on the second floor, it should also be considered in the same way. Eight proofs of the height of the houses are said, Panchala, Vaideha, Kaurava, Kanyakubja, Magadha, Shurasen, Gandhara, and Avantik. Where the height of the house is one and a half times more than its width, that house is called Panchal Ghar, then by increasing the same height continuously by one and a half times, there are types of houses like Vaideh, etc., Panchal inside it is auspicious for common people. Avantik Mana for Brahmins, Gandharaman for Kshatriyas, and Kanyakubjaman for Vaishyas, in this way for Brahmanadi Varnas should be considered as more and more Grahamaman, and the flow of water in the second floor and third-floor houses should also be made as mentioned earlier.
A house should be made for the means of riding in the flag and yard income, for the construction of bed seat umbrella and Dwaja, there should be a Vrisha or Dwaj income.

Vastu worship law for new home entry

In the central part of the house, draw ten lines one hand long from east to west on the rice, then draw equally long and broad lines from north to south, in this way 81 equal posts will be made in them, the following will be mentioned in them. Name the 45 deities in the appropriate place, thirty-two deities are worshiped on the outer ramparts and thirteen deities within. Make a table for them like this:
Shikhi Parjanya Jayant Indra Surya Satya Bhrish Akash Vayu
Diti Aap Jayant Indra Surya Satya Bhrish Savitra Pusha
Aditi Aditi Aapvatsa Aryama Aryama Aryama Savita Vitha With
Snake Prithvidhar Vivaswan Grihakshat Grihakshat
Som Som Prithvidhar Brahma Vivasvan Yama Yama
Bhallataka Bhallataka Prithvidhar Vivaswan Gandharva Gandharva
Chief Ministerial friend Vivudhip beetle
Ahi Rudra Sesha Asura Varun Pushpadanta Sugriva Jai ​​Mrig
Illness Rajyakshma Sesha Asura Varun Pushdant Sugriva Dauvarika Pitra
In this way 45 deities should be established, and these 45 deities are worshiped, you, aapvars parjanya fire and diti, these five deities are one position, and they are worshiped in the north, in the same way, five in other angles also Five gods are also part of one pada, the other two are the twenty gods of the outer line, they are all part of dwipad, and in the east, southwest and north direction like Brahma, these four gods, Aryama Vivasvan Mitra and Prithvidhar, they are part of the tripada. Therefore, people having knowledge of Vastu should worship these one pada, dwipad and tripad deities with Brahma ji with Vastu mantras duly with Durva, curd, Akshat, flowers, sandalwood, incense, lamp, and naivedya, etc., or with Brahma mantra, they should worship Shodas or five remedies. By dedicating two white clothes to him, three types of food, food, and lehya food should be offered in Naivaidya with Manglik song and instrument, in the end, by offering Tambul, pray to Vastu Purush in this way – “Vastu Purush Namaste, Bhushayya Nirat Prabho, Madgriham Dhanadhanyadisamridham Kuru Sarvada”, Vastu Purush who sleeps on the ground bed! I salute you. Lord! You fill my house with money, grains, etc.
By praying in this way, give as much Dakshina to the priest who is worshiped before the gods and after feeding the Brahmins according to his power, he should also give Dakshina, the person who, being careful, performs Vastu Puja in this method at the beginning of the house or at the time of entering the house, he will have a healthy son and wealth. And is happy after getting food, the person who enters a new house by not worshiping Vastu, keeps on fighting with various types of diseases, afflictions, and troubles.
In houses where doors have not been installed, on which shadows have not been cast, inside a house where worship and Vastu Karmas have not been performed according to their tradition, entering that house means entering hell.