What Is The Importance Of Mirrors In Vastu-shastra?

What is the importance of mirrors in Vastu shastra

In Vastu Shastra, the mirror is described as a catalyst, through which the creation of wave energy in the building gives a pleasant feeling. By its proper use, we can achieve many beneficial achievements. How to let’s learn from the Topmost Vastu consultant in Delhi:-

* Do not place the mirror looking towards the window or door.

* If your drawing room is small, then put mirror tiles on all four walls, you will not feel that you are sitting in a small room with the guests.

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Putting a mirror in a small & narrow place in the building creates a miraculous effect.

Any part of the house is of unusual shape or darkened, keep a round mirror.

There are electrical poles outside the house, tall buildings, unwanted trees, or spiked bulbs and you feel the pressure, then place a convex mirror on their side.

While installing a mirror on any wall, keep in mind that it should not be too low nor too high. Otherwise, family members may get headaches.

* If the mirror is placed right in front of the bed in the bedroom, remove it immediately. The presence of mirrors here can destroy marital and mutual love.

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* Also put mirrors above the washbasin located on the north or east wall in the northeast corner of the house. It is auspicious.

Applying mirrors face to face on the walls in the room causes discomfort and confusion among the members of the house.

Do not cut the mirror in arbitrary shape and use it.

If the door is getting pierced due to the direct road to the door of your house and it is not possible to remove the door, then put ‘Pa Kua’ mirror on the door. It is a powerful symbol. Therefore, care should be taken in applying it. Do not apply it by centering towards a neighbor’s house.