Remember These 5 Vastu Mantras, Every Crisis Will End!

Remember these 5 Vastu mantras every crisis will end

* According to Vastu and the best Vastu experts in Delhi, There is mental peace when planting trees, and trees are planted in the house. They also absorb sounds and radiations. One such plant is the Money-plant, which can be reduced sadness if it is put in any corner of the house which has an inauspicious feeling (negative energy) not only of that place but nearby rooms also.
* No waste or garbage should be kept on the premises of your residence, factory, business premises or shop and it should be taken out of the premises at the end of the day every day. If there is a holiday the next day then it will create extreme negativity and will impact business in a negative way.
* Machinery equipment and brooms prescribed for cleanliness should also not be kept in the northeast. This will cause mutual tension and differences in the campus. There may be a feeling of frustration. The northeast should be kept clean and attractive for satisfaction and progress.
* To increase business in the shop or showroom, keep in mind that if the shop is east facing then the entry stairs should be at the northeast angle. If it is west facing, there should be stairs from the western side towards the north, that is, towards the Vayavya kone.
* Place of the ladder should be placed at the place of Nairitya to enter the shop in the angular angle ie from south-central to east side. On the face of the north direction, a ladder can be placed to enter the shop on both the north and west sides, this will increase sales.