Which Is The Right Places Of Water In The House, Read 8 Simple Vastu Tips

Which is the right places of water in the house read 8 simple Vastu tips

By keeping water in the right place and in the right direction, the health of the family members remains favorable, and happiness and prosperity increase. Read here as suggested by the leading Vastu consultant in north Delhi:

Fill water in the northeast or east of the kitchen.

The location of water is the northeast angle, so the storage of water or underground tank or boring should be in the east, north, or northeast direction.

The pump sending water to the top tank should also be in the same direction.

Simple Vastu tips continue…………

* There should be no well or tube well in the south-east, north-west, or south-west angle. For this, the location of the northeast angle is suitable. This keeps the balance of Vastu.

* Overhead tank should be between north and air angle. The top of the tank should be round.

If there is a well or tube-well in the other direction, then fill it and if it is not possible to fill it, do not use it.

The bathroom is auspicious in the east.

Keep in mind, water should not leak from any tap in the house, otherwise, a starvation situation may occur.