Vastu Confuses The Servants Of The House

Vastu Confuses the Servants of the House

In the era of modern lifestyles and increasing materialism, the human mind is taking a gallop in the endless goal

of flying today. He has many aspirations that he weaves to decorate. The terms servant and job evoke a sense of cooperation that meets the mutual needs of two parties or groups.

Today in every household posh colonies domestic help has become the biggest need. But for the needs for which he

is kept will he really support you by fulfilling them or will he be affected by negative energy and will harm you. Get to know from the best Vastu consultant in Delhi. Today many incidents of mentally disturbed servants kill robbery poison in food. Etc are coming to the fore.

Vastu Confuses the Servants continues……………….

What are such powers conditions direction Vastu shape and circumstances in such cases which turn him

towards violent and criminal tendencies? Vastu energy gives good and bad results to every person living in

the building through five elements whether he is a servant or not. Read below the details as per the

best Vastu experts in Delhi

By keeping the minimum load or baggage in the north and east direction the servants take up their mind and

work and they get happiness.

There should not be a servant’s room in the southwest directions this situation will make him hurtful and excited

which can lead to illegal actions.

Today people often make the servant a place to stay which can be cured by convenience but from the point of

view of Vastu, it is harmful and unfavorable to the servant.

Vastu Confuses the Servants continues……………….

Ishan angle is important in many respects. Therefore do not make it high before or after construction or

during construction in this direction, it is not considered auspicious.

Plants are the means of energy and pure air in which the cactus plant should

not be kept in the house. It can be harmful in many ways.

Today people keep the roof down in order to cool the house quickly so that positive energy cannot enter and

the servants living in it are also mentally excited.

Stairs according to Vastu are considered good in the south or southwest. If he is in the middle of the house other aspects including the servant may be affected.

Vastu Confuses the Servants continues……………….

Odd number of stairs is considered auspicious and good. An even number of stairs is considered defective.

If the domestic servant’s room is not kept in the north and northwest he will get excited and move towards

violent tendencies.

North and NorthWest are better to keep domestic servants so that he remains trustworthy and hardworking.

In the east and north directions, it will affect and dissuade the servant from keeping more weighty goods and

keeping it disorganized and dirty. Due to which he starts moving towards violent and greedy tendencies.

Most people make a domestic servants room above the garage which is not fair. If the garage is maintained in the southwest it becomes more lethal.

Vastu Confuses the Servants continues……………….

Having a servant’s room above the garage will awaken the instinct of anger greed violence and theft in him. Avoid this.

If the corner of the north is cut or dirty the mental attitude of the servant changes and there is upheaval in the

mind his attention runs towards the wrong direction which includes theft and other things.

By keeping fire things in the northwest the wrong things are kept in the mind of the servant.

Follow the above steps as per the Topmost Vastu consultant in Delhi and see a change in your lifestyle.