Vastu Remedy For House Near Temple

Vastu remedy for house near temple

Vastu remedy for house near temple:-If the house is near the temple, then follow these tips to deal with Vastu defects
Different opinions can be seen among people about building a house near a temple or living there. Before choosing your place of residence, you must get information about the environment around there, such as never living near the crematorium. According to some experts, there is no harm in having a place of residence near the temple, while some Vastu Shastri refuses to live near the temple. If your house is near the temple and you want to solve any kind of problem or Vastu defect then follow these Vastu tips.

Vastu Remedy for House Near Temple If Yes Devi Temple : 

If there is a Goddess temple near the house and because of it there is a Vastu defect, then install the symbol of that goddess’s weapon at your main door or put a picture of it. If the goddess is armless, put the symbol of her vehicle at the door.

1. Lakshmi Temple : 

If there is a temple of Bhagwati Lakshmi ji near the house, then you should make a picture of lotus at the door. You can also try another method. You put a picture of Lord Vishnu and garland him with lotus garland every day.
2. Shiva temple: 
If your house is near Shiva temple then this remedy can be useful for you. By installing the idol of Lord Ganapati in the direction of the house in which the Shiva temple is situated, the Vastu defect gets removed. But when the Shiva temple is right in front of the house, you should bury a copper snake in the main threshold of the house.

3. Bhairavnath temple: 

If the temple of Lord Bhairavnath is right in front of your house, then feed the crows daily at your main gate.

If there is a temple of Ramji

If your house is near the temple of Lord Shri Ram ji, then you should make a divine picture of arrowless bow at the main entrance of your house to get rid of Vastu defects.

Any other incarnation temple

If your house is near a temple of any other incarnation, then you should put a picture of Panchmukhi Hanuman ji at the main entrance. Panchmukhi Hanuman ji gives freedom from all kinds of Vastu defects and provides protection.