Keeping These Decorative Items Or Artifacts Away From The House This Coming Diwali

Keeping these decorative items or artifacts away from the house this coming Diwali

Keeping these decorative items or artifacts away from the house this coming Diwali

Nowadays traditional decorations are not done in the house according to Indian culture. Due to Western culture, many types of fake decorations have also increased. Under such circumstances, according to Vastushastra, which 5 decorative objects or artifacts can cause damage.

1. Thorny plants: Some people plant fake or thorny plants to give an artistic look to the house, so do not plant prickly trees in the house, it also causes prickling of thorns in family relationships.

2. Old broken things: Many people decorate their house with old or waste things, which is wrong. Such items promote negative energy in the house. According to Vastu, when negative energy increases in the house, it also directly affects the financial condition of the family. Also, there may be health problems.

3. Negative painting: It has been seen in many houses that where there is such a painting that no one knows what is there or there are ruins, dry stub, unmanned desolate city, scattered house, or dry barren mountain. Such painting spreads negativity.

4. Artifacts: Nowadays, there are some items in the house in the name of artifacts which include dried stub, plastic fake trees, or any artwork which is obscenely obscured. 

5. All these dead objects: Ornamental artifacts that are considered artistic but according to Vastu Shastra, they all generate negative energy.

6.  Taj Mahal: Do not put pictures of the Taj Mahal, wild animals, weeping children, naked children, battle scenes, cut trees or stump, etc. in the house. Apart from this, do not put pictures of actors or actresses, bikes, cars, models, or big pictures of your guru.