Vastu For Students And Study Room

Vastu for students and study room

Education is the basis of human life with the help of which every person achieves all round success. But in today s changing environment, it is not enough just to be literate the most important job is education which can make a person self-reliant. But in this gallop race where many unemployed youths achieve their destination.

At the same time, many youths still remain a few steps away from achieving the desired success in these professional and educational competitions and start getting immersed in many negative thoughts like frustration despair excitement psychosis etc due to which they have hidden the art and ability hidden Not able to perform correctly.

Vastu for students and study room continues.

As a result, the educational institutions and relatives related to them alert them so many times they start increasing undesirable pressure on the youth Due to this the emerging new life begins to suffer many kinds of concerns about performance and results.

But with patience and understanding if every parent and student creates such an environment in the respective study room using Vastu rules then the confidence of the concerned students and their interest in the subject along with their worries can be eliminated and Will give positive energy.

Vastu for students and study room continued.

These tips from the best Vastu experts in Delhi will also increase your memory and intelligence there will be excitement and passion in the mind not negative thoughts and self-aggrandizement. That is keeping some things in mind we can shed positive energy in the study room built in Vastu so that students of every field will get the highest success.

Now let's discuss some important but simple things by the best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR

Keep the study room adjacent to the puja room and position the door to the northeast or west. But do not place it in the southeast, southwest or northwest. This creates confusion.

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Use a square table that is similar on all four legs.

Do not place the table southwest or in front of the door. This leads to the decline of intelligence.

Do not attach the table to the door or wall. By which the subject will be remembered interest will increase.

Do not set the table under the light or in its shadow. This will affect the study.

Arrange the study room in the northeast or east-facing room it will be auspicious and inspiring.

Avoiding the arrangement of study rooms in the south and southeast direction can give an inauspicious and tense situation.

Vastu for students and study room continued.

Try not to study while sitting in the NorthWest. Due to this, there will be no mind in studies concentration will be disturbed.

Put idols of Ganesha and green paintings in the northeast.

The study room should have a peaceful and positive atmosphere. There should be no noise etc.

For remembrance and decision, power set the table in the south and studied towards the north or east. NorthEast helps in making the student qualified.

Keep the centre of the study room clean and empty. Through which energy will be circulated.

To achieve this goal, paintings of Eklavya Arjun should be installed.

Vastu for students and study room continues.

Put white sheets on the table. Begin the study by bowing to Saraswati the mother goddess of learning.

The candidates who live outside the house or in hostels etc For whom it is not possible to set a picture of mother Saraswati or Ganesh Ji while dancing or writing towards the east and salute them before and after study then their energy level will also increase.

Such favourable conditions by the Vastu expert in Noida will definitely help the candidates to succeed they will feel better their energy level will also increase and there will be no negative energy barrier in their reaction.