Vastu Shastra – An Introduction And Information

Vastu Shastra  An Introduction and information

Apart from the priority of leading a successful life with health, prosperity, and happiness,

the Indian culture of maintaining the balance of the environment in nature has been going on for centuries. Humans built houses, temples, statues, forts, palaces, etc. on the ground, which took full care of the

responsibility of religion, art, work, and salvation. But these are the most important formulas, the

ever-present planetary constellation in space, and the Ganges of this knowledge were known as astrology. Scroll down to know more from the leading Vastu expert in west Delhi:

The energy communicating in the universe, ie, ‘cosmic energy is of special importance in Vastu Shastra. The correct choice of land for any building construction, construction work, interior decorations, etc. directions in works,

five super elements, earth, water, air, fast or fire and sky electromagnetic waves, gravity, cosmic energy, and

degrees of directions or Parts are used in a planned way by architecture.

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One part of astrology that deals with building construction are known as Vastu shastra. In other words,

the cosmic energy which is always present in the universe and the five elements which are adjusted in architecture is called Vastu Shastra.

Most architectural fond directions are based on sunrise and sunset, without a magnetic compass, whereas

architectural work should not be done without this instrument. Subtle degrees of directions cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is better to get the necessary renovation or construction done under the supervision of a well knowledgeable architect.

According to the best Vastu consultant in Delhi, the lower directions of the house in which the native has to reside with family, have a special effect on the life of the native, such as:

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1. If the land in the east of the house is lower, it is beneficial for the landowner.
2. If the land in the Agni Kone of the house is sunken(Dhasee huye ho to), then there are chances of

fire-related accidents and electrical appliances malfunction in the house.
3. If the land is low in the south direction of the house, then the landlord has to suffer death, disease, and

sudden loss.
4. If the land in the southwest direction is low, then the people of the house destroy wealth and

property with fear.
5. Humiliation, slander, children are harmful if the land in the west is low.
6. If the land in the western direction is low then there is trouble and discord in the house.
7. If the land in the north direction is low then it gives wealth and property
8. If the northern direction is low, then the owner of the building gets pleasure, wealth, and respect.

The general belief is that the south and west directions do not make a good impression or have

an inauspicious effect. But the truth is different. There are special parts in each direction, which makes a good impression. Like 135 to 180 degrees in the south direction, 270 to 310 degrees have a good effect in

the west direction. Therefore, without prejudice towards directions, knowledge of the possibilities of benefiting from their auspiciousness is important.

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In the southwest direction, the open space should be less than in the north-east. The main door should be in

any direction, the north-east part should be open, light, and clean compared to the south-west.

The best place to cook is in the southeast, the other option is in the northwest direction. If there are signs of lack

of coordination with married life, then special attention should be paid to the architectural plan of the kitchen and bedroom.

In other words, the southwest part should be higher, heavier, more congested. Also, the slope of the floor

surface should be lowered in such a way that the flow of water should be from the south to north or

west to east. The boundary wall should be similarly low and comparatively thick in the north and east. The north direction is related to water-related things, hence the provision of water-related things has been kept in the northeast, due to the full use of the sun’s miraculous rays.

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A Vedic Richa states… O Sun God…. Destroy germs inside our hearts and lungs with your rays. Large window doors

in the north-east direction and open space have been given such importance that a balanced amount of

ultra-violet rays can be transported with cosmic-energy. The east direction has been particularly noted because of the effect of ultraviolet rays of the rising sun in the very morning. This is why Brahmamuhurta is given so much importance in the methods of living in Hindustani.

The main purpose of the provision in the above direction is the hygiene of the arrangement of water tanks,

swimming pools, wells, step-wells, bore-wells under the ground. Do not make the door of the sleeping room in such a place that the eyes of the people coming from outside will fall on those sleeping or resting in that room. Use the sofa-less bed in the drawing-room as little as possible. The best place in the kitchen is the southeast, the other option is in the

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northwest direction. If there are signs of a lack of coordination in married life, then special attention should be paid to the architectural plan of the kitchen and bedroom. It is also necessary to take care of the paint on the walls of the kitchen. Do not keep things like pujghar or idol of gods in the kitchen.

If there is black paint on the windows, doors and mainly the main-gate, then the behavior of family members increases rudeness, anger, disrespect, etc. The effect is especially visible on whichever member of the house is affected by the place of speech in the horoscope and the respective planetary constellations Saturn, Rahu Mars and Ketu, etc. If Mars and Ketu influence, then the red paint indicates a tendency to use sophistication, more debate, quarrelsome and sarcastic language. The use of white color is beneficial in such situations.

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The best arrangement of items related to the fire element or kitchen is in the south-east only. Television, computer, heat-conveyor or other such equipment which may be in all or more places in a building or such other electrical equipment, when placed in different rooms, directions should be used in each room. For example, in a room located to the north-east, the appropriate location of the student’s computer would be to the south-east of that room.

Similarly, the best place for the kitchen is in the south-east, the second option is in the north-west direction, but the expenses and mental worries of the kitchen increase unnecessarily. If the natal planet-constellation Mars dosha indicates the incompatibility of married life and such experiences are happening, then the architecture of the kitchen and bedroom should be given special attention, among other reasons.

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Keep the cooking range in the kitchen in such a way that the cook faces east. Fused processors, microwaves, fridges, etc. should be arranged in the south-east. Water-related works like the water filter, dishwasher, dish-washing sink, etc. should be done in the northeast part. If there is no wall cabinet in the east wall, it is better not to place heavy goods here if necessary. Store food items in the north-west direction or in the north-west part of the kitchen, if the door is to come more or the main door is just in front of the kitchen, as well as the husband-planetary constellation of the wife is a sign of discord. It would be better to replace the doors or else the above circumstances make ghee in the fire.

Vedha is very important in Vastu Shastra. It indicates obstruction or obstruction. If the tree, pillar, big stone, etc. or the path used by the public ends in front of the building or main gate, then it has the opposite effect. When there is such a road between the perforation and the building, where there is a common road, the effect of the perforation is not completely but much is reduced. Even at home, an object in front of the door of a room such as a decorative item in front of a sleeping room can cause stress and worries or cause sleep disturbance.

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The center of the building is called Brahma Sthal. It should be kept empty. Such as furniture or any heavy goods affect health and mental peace here. Do not hang heavy chandeliers on the ceiling in the area of ​​Brahmasthan. In this part there is a prohibition of the drainage system for the drainage of water, it is an indicator of economic loss.

The place of sitting, working, or sleeping off the head of the house, office or institution, etc. is considered very good in the south-west. In such a situation, they have better control over younger members, children, and employees, managers, etc. The seating arrangement of the guests at home or those who meet in the office should be such that they should be facing south or west and the homeowner or senior officer should sit facing north or east.

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If the children are not under parental discipline and are a factor of concern for them, then arrange for the children to sleep and study in the northeast direction. The proper location of the telephone and fax is in the north-east direction.

Knowledge of astrology with Vastushastra is necessary. Nowadays astrology and Vastushastra are emerging as a lucrative profession. Most half-masters suggest strange remedies. Therefore, choose the architect carefully. Always be wary of those who exaggeratedly claim to get rid of people’s problems quickly.

It is more beneficial to use Vastu Shastra keeping astrology in mind. Keep in mind that life is a mixture of happiness and sorrow, so learn to recognize the scientific aspect of these genres by moving away from superstition, religion, etc.