Vastu Tips For Keeping Vault In The House

Vastu tips for Keeping vault in the House

Vastu tips for Keeping vault in the House !!

Normally we all have a vault in the house, and money is available in the vault only if it is kept in the right direction according to Vastu. Let us know where to keep the vault at home.The wardrobe door in the bedroom should not open in the south direction. Similarly, in case of vault etc. it should be ensured. Otherwise the goods kept in the vault may be stolen.If the locker or wardrobe is fixed in the wall, in such a situation bring another cupboard in the house and keep valuables in it.The vault door placed in the south direction should open towards the north.

1. To avoid debt, make the north and south walls very straight. The north wall should be light. No corner should be cut, nor should it be reduced. The wrong wall leads to lack of money. If the debt remains high and is disturbed, reduce the northeast angle by 90 degrees.

2. Build an underground tank or tank in the northeast. Income will increase according to the length, width and depth of the tank. Make the north-east floor at least 2 to 3 feet deep.

3. In the south-west and south direction, the house is inhabited by impoverishment when there are underground tanks, wells or taps.

4. Avoid buying a dilapidated plot between two buildings or a suppressed plot between heavy buildings as the suppressed plot is an indicator of poverty and debt.

The people who ignore such things might regret later.Prevention is always better than cure .So why to ask for a vastu shastry to give you remedies later if you took care of the things before hand.Remedies are possible for most of the situations but you should take an expert advice rather taking the matter in your own hands.