Elephant Connection To Vastu

Elephant Connection to Vastu

Read about elephant connection to Vastu from one of the best Vastu consultant in Delhi:

One should first choose the direction for the house of comfort. According to us, one of the most best Vastu consultant in Delhi, the best direction is East North and North. The west and west are even. The worst is the Agni south and west direction. Let us know in which direction the house should be.

In the north direction, there should be windows doors, and the balcony of the house. You can also make a water tank or place of water outside here. In the South, Direction keeps heavy household items in this direction. This direction should be as covered as possible if there is a wall in this direction it is very good. If the door of the house is in the East direction it is normally fine you can keep the window. The kitchen or toilet should be in the West direction.

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The kitchen and toilet should not be nearby. Ishaan should have a Boring Panderi swimming pool place of worship or the main gate of the house should be in this direction. As far as the inside is concerned there should be places for drinking water here or you can keep an urn filled with water. Vaayavy kon should be In this direction your bedroom garage cowshed etc should be there. Agni kone should have a gas boiler transformer etc in this direction. You can also make a kitchen here that is it can also have a kitchen platform. Nairitya direction room should be at the head of the house. Cash counters machines etc you can keep in this direction. Toilets can also be there but can also be avoided.

Elephants are considered auspicious:

Now let us also talk about Elephant as it is considered very auspicious in Vastu and Astrology. As per the best Vastu consultant in Delhi(India), there are many benefits of keeping an elephant statue at home. In the scriptures, this animal is related to Vighnaharta Ganapati. Let’s know something special about it briefly

Brass Elephant as per the best Vastu consultant in Delhi says that by placing a brass elephant in the bedroom or putting a big picture of the elephant differences in husband and wife end. Anyway, if the brass elephant is kept in the living room it is a factor of peace and prosperity. With this, it gives success in every sphere of life. Actually, elephants are a symbol of opulence.

The solid silver elephant is a solid silver elephant that should be kept in the house or in a pocket according to the Red Book. It is the remedy of Rahu sitting in fifth and twelfth. This does not hurt the child and also gives benefits in business. It is considered auspicious to keep this elephant made of silver in the north direction of the house.

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According to Feng Shuai keeping an elephant s picture or idol in the house creates positive energy as well as sources of wealth. The elephant whose picture or statue has its trunk bent should be placed in the living area. This increases happiness and peace in the house. And if the trunk of an elephant is raised upwards it grows wealth and wealth increase.

Do the above work by asking an architect because we do not know which direction your house is from. The interior of the house changes according to each direction. For further assistance connect with us, we provide are renowned as one of the most best Vastu consultant in Delhi.