Selection Of Location Of The Factory As Per Vastu

Selection of Location of the Factory as per Vastu

Selection Of Location Of The Factory As Per Vastu: Finding the Optimal Site for Industrial Success

In the realm of industry and manufacturing, the role of location selection is often underestimated. However, adhering to Vastu principles when choosing the site for your factory can be a game-changer. Selection of Location of the Factory as per Vastu is not just about placing structures; it's about aligning energy flows and harnessing positive forces of nature. This article delves deep into the art and science of selecting an optimal factory location while considering Vastu Shastra guidelines.

The Significance of Vastu in Factory Location Selection

When it comes to industrial success, the selection of location takes center stage. Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science, emphasizes the harmony between human life and the surroundings. Applying Vastu principles to your factory's location can lead to enhanced productivity, improved employee morale, and smoother operations.

Key Factors to Consider for Factory Location Selection

Choosing the right factory location involves a multifaceted approach. Here are some crucial factors to consider while integrating Vastu principles:

Natural Elements Integration

Harmonizing with the natural elements is a cornerstone of Vastu Shastra. Opt for a location where water bodies, such as rivers or lakes, flow in the north, east, or northeast direction. These areas are believed to attract positive energies and prosperity.

Directional Alignment

The orientation of your factory plays a pivotal role. The entrance should ideally face the east or north, promoting a conducive working environment and overall success.

Geographical Terrain

Select a site with a balanced and level terrain to ensure smooth energy flow. Avoid irregularities like slopes or depressions that can disrupt the harmonious energies of the space.

Surrounding Structures

Vastu recommends that the factory should be surrounded by beneficial structures. Places like temples or educational institutions in the vicinity can positively impact the energy of the factory.

Avoidance of Negative Elements

Steer clear of locations with excessive clutter, pollution, or heavy traffic. Such negative elements can hamper the flow of positive energy within the factory.

Proximity to Raw Materials and Markets

While adhering to Vastu principles, don't forget practical considerations. Ensure that your factory is strategically located in close proximity to raw material sources and target markets for efficient logistics.


Selecting the right location for your factory according to Vastu principles isn't just a trend; it's a wise investment in your industrial venture's success. Integrating these ancient principles with modern industrial needs can create a balanced, prosperous, and harmonious environment. Remember, factory location selection as per Vastu is a strategic step towards ensuring optimal energy flow, productivity, and a thriving business.

FAQs About Factory Location Selection as Per Vastu

Q: What is the primary aim of Vastu-compliant factory location selection?

A: The primary aim is to create a harmonious space that aligns with positive energies, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced productivity.

Q: Can an existing factory be made Vastu-compliant?

A: Yes, through renovations and adjustments, an existing factory can be aligned with Vastu principles to harness better energies.

Q: Is Vastu compliance applicable only to the factory building or the entire premises?

A: Vastu compliance extends to the entire premises, including surrounding structures, to optimize the overall energy flow.

Q: How can I find a Vastu expert to guide me in factory location selection?

A: Seek recommendations from peers, research online, and review the credentials of Vastu consultants before making a decision.

Q: Are there specific Vastu guidelines for the direction of entrance gates?

A: Yes, the entrance gate should ideally face east or north for positive energy influx.

Q: What if I can't find a location that meets all Vastu criteria?

A: While it's ideal to adhere to Vastu principles, a location that meets most criteria and can be adjusted is also beneficial.

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