Vastu Expert In Ghaziabad On Success

Vastu expert in Ghaziabad

Many things of Vastu are popular as per Vastu expert in Ghaziabad.

The brings to you 4 things that those who want

success must try-

1. Draw a picture of a mountain or a running horse behind your seating area. Use inspirational pictures.

2. Put a mirror or mirror in the box, vault, or other items that hold the money in the form of daily

income so that the reflection of the rupee or money is visible in it.

3. Always hang a diamond crystal from the ceiling of your table or top, so that negative energy is not affected by you. Help you decide.

4. Do not put hot and cold nature items on top or side by side, such as a microwave oven or toaster above the fridge.

What is the importance of the picture of 7

white horses in Vastu, know here

According to Vastu, the picture of horses is supposed to promote progress in life,

but it is very important to know in which direction and where it should be placed.

Come know 5 special information in this regard.

1. Put a picture of 7 horses running on the beach as a living room of the house.

2. The east direction is considered auspicious to place the picture of a horse,

but it is said to be placed in the south direction in the office.

3. Positive energy is created and helps in eliminating negative energy.

4. According to Vastu Shastra, running horses are symbols of speed, success and strength.

This brings progress in life.

Number seven is very auspicious. The seven sages, the seven colors of Indra’s bow, seven rounds, etc.,

reveal the mystery of the number 7 that’s why only photograph 7 horses.

The picture of horses is often put on business establishments and offices,

so whenever you put a picture of horses in the house, ask an objectivist only.

He will give you the right picture and the right knowledge about the right place as this can be done only by

looking at your house. If you do not want to put pictures of horses,

you can also put pictures of swimming fish.

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