Vastu Tips For The Flooring Of The House

Vastu tips for the Flooring of the House

The floor of the house is very important. What type of tiles should be applied in it and which color should be applied. Get the latest on Vastu by the best Vastu experts in Delhi. Do not apply tiles that are good for summer but extremely cold in winter. The floor should be according to Vastu.

Tiles Use of light yellow or white marble is considered Best for Vastu. If you are not applying marble then yellow-red ocher ceramic vinyl and wooden tiles are also excellent. Kota stone is beneficial for summer but it will prove harmful in cold and rain. Similarly, tiles should also be thoughtfully placed.

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How should the color of the floor Also decide the color of the floor only by asking any architecture? Do not make wrong colored stone floors in any direction. There should be black floors in the northern sky in the northeast dark green in the east purple in igneous red in the south pink in the south white in the west and gray in the sky. If you do not want to have different stone stones then you can have dark green or yellow flooring in all the rooms yellow is excellent in Pitambar.

Carpet put a beautiful carpet of different colors for every look and spread it. Keep that carpet clean daily.
Sprinkle salt Once a week dissolves sea salt in water and apply it on the floor. This will drain the negative energy of the house.

Mandana mande: Mandana mande in the middle of each form of house. Draw Rangoli outside the entrance of the house. Rangoli or Mandana symbolizes the prosperity of our ancient civilization and culture. Due to this, there is peace in the family.

Do not use broken tiles If the tiles of a room kitchen or any other place in your house are broken then it should be repaired quickly because broken tiles are also not considered according to Vastu shastra.

The slope of the floor should be in the north The slope of the floor of the house should be towards the east north or northeast direction. The North direction is also good.

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Other object rules If the floor of the northeast part of your house is about one feet lower than the floor of the west-west and the horizontal angle is one feet lower than that of the northwest then it is harmful.

Other object rules the south part of the house is lower than the northeast and west direction the east north of the house has a toilet about one and a half feet high the north direction to go up in the house from outside. If the stairs remain from the western side then it is harmful.

Other items rule If there is an angular staircase to enter the shop from inside the house in front of it a gate in the west corner is made to go inside the house then it is also harmful. All the above-mentioned important Vastu defects can lead to terrible tragedies.

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