Choose The Right Wood When Starting Interior Work

Choose the right wood when starting interior work

Choose the right wood when starting interior work 

People of India have deep faith in the constellations and planets. The compatibility and unfavorable effect of the planets are definitely affected. Yajna, chanting, religious rituals are carried out and most of all, the desire for the desire is contained.

Trees and plants are also said to have a very close and close relationship with the Sun and Moon, Navagrahas and Jyoti in the period cycle. The material (Samidha) used in Havan (sacrifice) is made from various trees and plants. Almost all animals depend on trees and plants. Those who are unable to buy precious gems can take the help of the leaves or roots of trees.

Sun Planet- If the Sun is giving weak, low, or inauspicious effects in your horoscope, then wear Bel-Patra in red or pink thread on Sunday. Inauspicious effects will decrease.

Moon Planet- If the lunar is corrupt or inauspicious, then put the root of Khirni in a white thread on Monday morning.

Mars- If you are Manglik, Mars is in the eighth or twelfth house, then in the afternoon on Tuesday, but the root of the infinite root in the red thread.

Mercury planet- If Mercury is giving a negative effect, then wear the root of Vidhara in green thread on Wednesday morning.

Guru planet- If you are suffering from Guru Kendrapati Dosha, giving inauspicious effects or is ineffective, then take the root of Bharati or Banana in yellow thread on Thursday at noon.

If Venus is suffering from Kendrapati defects, wear the root of Sarporva in white thread on Friday morning.

Saturn- In the state of Saturn's half-century or aadhaya, wear a scorpion root in blue thread on Saturday morning.

Rahu planet- To remove the inauspiciousness of the Rahu planet, wear a piece of white sandalwood in blue thread on Wednesday, it will be beneficial.

Ketu Planet- To get auspiciousness of Ketu planet, wear ashwagandha root in blue thread on Thursday. The ominous effect may end.

Different types of wood in the house give rise to many obstacles. From this point of view, the wood of trees like rosewood, sal, panas, betel nut, and snake, etc. is more useful. Acacia wood is not considered good in some Vastu texts, but it is considered admissible due to its strength. The use of wood from thorns and milkweed trees is considered taboo.

Milk trees, sycamore, banyan, and wood, etc. should not be used. The general rule is that the frame of the main door and the doors adjacent to it should be of the same type of tree wood. The same rule also applies to windows installed in the house. The tree related to the constellation in which you were born is your family tree. He will give you happiness by becoming a Kalpa tree. If a person is fond of planting saplings at home, then Vastushastra gives trouble in this regard.

According to Vastu Shastra, it is auspicious to have a Peepal tree towards the west of the house. Bilva, coconut, amla, basil, and jasmine are auspicious in all directions, the list of auspicious directions for some other trees is as follows-

1. Jamun- South-East North.
2. Banana- with basil in all directions.
3. Banyan- east (west special ominous).
4. Neem- vyavya-agnay (special inauspicious).
5. Pomegranate- Agnay-Nairatya.