Best Vastu Consultant In Gurgaon

Best Vastu consultant in Gurgaon

We at Best Vastu consultant in Gurgaon have seen that whenever we go to buy a plot or house,

we are told to be the east direction plot or house whereas in most of the colonies the plots are not

completely cut to the east or north. Therefore, many houses are either in the northeast

direction or igneous angle in the name of the east direction.

It is a good thing for the north-east angle, but if you are of an igneous angle, then know its 5 disadvantages

Agni Mukhi houses or plots:

As per the Best Vastu consultant in Gurgaon, Plots that have roads to the east and south are called Agni Mukhi plots.

1. It is said about the house with the main gate of the igneous angle that it causes disease and wheezing.

2. Oxygen level inside the house decreases as the temperature of the sun remains in the house throughout the day. This causes irritation among the members of the household.

3. Due to this house, all kind of progress stops, there is constant financial loss.

4. Some Vastu Shastri believes that often such houses start bearing fruits in the 9th year of living.

5. If the people living in this house take a loan then they are never able to repay it. People living here get drowned in debt.

6. If the eastern igneous expansion is eastward, the male offspring dies and the homeowner becomes female.

7. If the path of pre-ignorance strikes for the house of fire, then the male character will be corrupt, so women only have to take care of the house.

8. Age of fire affects the male’s left arm, knee, and left eye. If there is any defect in the fire angle, problems related to the left arm and knee of the homeowner may arise.

9. In such a plot or house, the first children of the family and women are particularly affected.

Agni Mukhi houses or plots continues……….

10. Agnay means the place of fire, where the important element among all the five elements is fire, and the location of the fire is determined in each residential building, which is called a kitchen or kitchen. According to the leading Best Vastu consultant in Gurgaon, Gruhalakshmi often spends about 8 hours in the kitchen in 24 hours.

In this way, one-third of life is adversely affected by the health of women by being exposed to fire in the kitchen. Therefore women become irritated. Other members of the household are also affected by the food made in a bad mood. All members of the household remain mentally disturbed due to one member.

Therefore, the house of an igneous angle is not right. However, if the kitchen angle is made in the same direction as the fire, it will benefit the women of the house. It is necessary to have an exhaust fan in the kitchen and it is also necessary to have a window there.