Seven Horses Significance And Vastu Tips

Seven Horses Significance and Vastu Tips

Seven Horses Significance and Vastu Tips

According to Vastu and the best Vastu experts in Delhi the picture of horses is going to make progress in life but it is very important to know in which direction and where it should be applied. Lets know five special pieces of information in this regard suggested by the best Vastu consultant in Noida

Find a picture of Seven horses running on the beach as a meeting place of the house.
East direction is considered auspicious for putting a picture of a horse but it is said to be placed in the south direction in the office.
By applying this picture Lakshmi has permanent residence along with happiness and prosperity in the house.
It creates positive energy and thinking by eliminating negative energy.
According to Vastu Shastra running horses are a symbol of speed, success and strength. It promotes life.
The number seven is considered very auspicious. Sapta Rishi Indra seven colors of bow seven rounds etc many things reveal the secret of seven points so put a picture of seven horses only. The picture of horses is often put on business institutions and offices so whenever putting a picture of horses in the house ask it only by asking an expert. He will give you the right picture and the right knowledge about the right place as it can only be done by looking at your house. If you do not want to put a picture of horses you can also put pictures of floating fish.

In the beauty of the house its main entrance has an important place which in accordance with Vastu is considered an auspicious sign of the entrance of happiness in the house. The experts and the leading Vastu consultant in Delhi The beautiful entrance of the house gives you the first invitation to peek inside the house. Vastu of the main entrance of the house attracting visitors to enter the house is a sign of the arrival of happiness and positive energy in your house.Lets know how should be the entrance of our house

The door of the main entrance of the house should be larger in size than the other doors of the house. Due to this an adequate amount of light can enter the house.
On the main entrance of the house place any Manglik sign like a Swastika Kalash etc according to your religious belief.
The main door of the house should be two gates and open inwards.
When opening the main door of the house there should be no sound like rust or any other crevice in its parts.
Dehri should be at the entrance of the house.
The main entrance of your house should be such that there is no entrance to any other house right in front of it.
There should be no underground tank right near the main entrance of the house.
According to Vastu there should not be dirt or garbage in the house and outside entrance. This causes diseases in the form of negative energy in the building.
If we talk about the main door of the house being bigger in size than other doors, it means that more and more light has to enter the house which is considered to be better in terms of removing darkness and health in the house.
According to Vastu it is not considered right to be the main door of any other house in front of the house.
Opening the main door of the house is fatal. It is also a sign of sudden troubles in life.
The underground tank near the door is not considered auspicious from the point of view of architecture. Therefore one should avoid building this type of building.