Building Materials and Vastu Shastra

Many materials are required for the construction of any building. These include brick, iron, cement, stone, wood etc. A detailed description of the use of different materials is found in Vastu Shastra. In Vastu Shastra, the use of natural materials is said to be good while artificial or synthetic materials are bad. These building materials also play an important role in the energy flow of the building.

Plastic paint: - By applying plastic paint on the walls of the houses, a layer of plastic is coated on all the walls, which obstructs the exchange of outside air inside the building. In this way that house or room becomes a kind of polythene bag. Not only this, the formaldehyde contained in beautiful looking plastic paint also causes various diseases. The use of water paint is more advantageous.

Granite:- It is being used extensively in the kitchen as well as in the whole house, but due to it being a model of a radioactive crystal, alpha, beta and gamma radiation is very high which harms the body. It is not that all granite is bad. Such granites whose alpha, beta gamma radiation is less than 15 cpm can be used in construction.

Plaster of Paris:- This building material has negative radiation. Its use causes mental stress for the human system.

Asbestos sheet:- The fibers of this material dissolve in the air with the friction of air and can get into the lungs through inhalation and cause lung-related diseases. There is also a possibility of cancer due to the use of this material.

Carpeting from wall to wall: - Due to this, millions of hidden molds etc. germs inside the carpet dissolve in the air and enter the body through the air and cause asthma.

Electrical Materials: - Today, there are many types of cheap and expensive electrical materials available in the market. The general public buys these materials only on the basis of low price but few people probably think about the quality of these cheap materials. These materials create an electromagnetic field, which has a direct effect on the human body, so awareness is needed for this. Use such electrical materials which have the least negative radiation field.

Plastic: - By walking on a carpet or sheet made of plastic, rubbing with that carpet on the feet produces positive ions which get attracted towards the negative ions present in the environment and get mixed in it. Due to this there is a decrease of negative ions in the atmosphere. It should be noted here that negative ions are essential for the health of the human system, so the use of such harmful substances should either be banned or a statutory warning of being harmful should be published on it.

Pesticides: - Today, 45 percent of the world's total production of pesticides and insecticides are being used by third world countries. About 75,000 tonnes of pesticides are used in our country every year. These food items, along with fruits, vegetables, enter our body and give rise to many types of diseases.

Today, along with the progress of science, various types of synthetic building materials are available in the market and the citizens of the city are using these innovative materials in abundance. Although these materials look very beautiful in appearance and are easy to use, the general public is unaware of their ill effects.

Anyway, for a common man to understand which material will be beneficial or harmful for himself and his family, it is very difficult, but Vastu science gives clear instructions regarding construction materials. The discoveries taking place in the western countries have proved that many popular materials harm the residents of that house in different ways.