Try Container Gardening For Vastu Positivity If You Live In Multi-stories

Try Container Gardening for Vastu Positivity if you live in multi-stories
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Living in a multi-story building brings its own set of challenges and opportunities. One way to infuse positive energy and balance into your living space is through the practice of container gardening, aligned with Vastu principles. Container gardening is a versatile and creative way to bring nature indoors and create an inviting atmosphere. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the synergy between container gardening and Vastu positivity, offering insights and tips to create a harmonious living environment.

Container Gardening For Vastu Positivity If You Live In Multi-stories

Container gardening, when applied with Vastu principles, can significantly contribute to the positive energy flow within your multi-story home. By incorporating plants that resonate with Vastu, you can promote well-being, tranquility, and a balanced ambiance.

Selecting the Right Plants

Plants play a vital role in Vastu, and their selection is crucial. Choose plants like the money plant, holy basil, and lucky bamboo for their auspicious attributes. These plants not only add aesthetic value but also create a sense of well-being.

Placing Plants Strategically

Positioning your plants in specific areas of your home enhances the Vastu energy. For instance, placing a money plant near the entrance attracts prosperity, while a basil plant in the northeast corner promotes positivity and health.

Harmonizing Elements and Colors

Vastu encourages the balance of five elements and their corresponding colors. Incorporate plants with leaves that represent each element—earth, water, fire, air, and space—to create a harmonious blend of energies.

Caring for Your Indoor Garden

Regular maintenance of your indoor garden is essential. Pruning, watering, and ensuring adequate sunlight not only keep your plants healthy but also maintain the positive flow of energy they bring.

Enhancing Relationships with Vastu Plants

Certain plants are known to enhance specific relationships. For instance, placing a pair of roses in the southwest corner can improve the romantic bond between partners. Similarly, a jade plant in the southeast corner fosters financial growth.

Container Gardening For Vastu Positivity: Tips and Tricks

Creating a container garden that radiates Vastu positivity involves a few essential tips and tricks. These insights will help you cultivate a thriving and energetically balanced indoor garden.

1. Proper Plant Placement: Understanding the cardinal directions according to Vastu is crucial. Place plants that require more sunlight in the east or south-facing windows, and those that thrive in shade in the north or west-facing windows.

2. Soil and Containers: Use good-quality soil and containers that complement your home's aesthetics. The choice of containers should align with Vastu elements and colors, adding to the overall harmony.

3. Regular Pruning: Trim and prune your plants regularly to maintain their health and prevent overgrowth. Pruning also symbolizes removing negativity and fostering growth.

4. Balancing Watering Practices: Overwatering or underwatering can disrupt the flow of positive energy. Create a watering routine tailored to the individual requirements of each plant.

5. Incorporate Fragrance: Fragrant plants like jasmine or lavender not only add a pleasant aroma but also attract positive energy. Place them near windows or entryways.


Container gardening for Vastu positivity in multi-story living spaces is an art that amalgamates the beauty of nature with the wisdom of ancient principles. By selecting the right plants, positioning them strategically, and nurturing them with care, you can cultivate an environment filled with positive energy and harmony. Embrace the synergy of container gardening and Vastu for a vibrant and balanced home.


Q: How does container gardening contribute to Vastu positivity?

Container gardening brings nature into your home, enhancing the flow of positive energy and promoting a harmonious environment aligned with Vastu principles.

Q: Can I use any plants for container gardening in a multi-story building?

While you can use a variety of plants, selecting those that align with Vastu principles, like money plants, basil, and lucky bamboo, can amplify the positive energy.

Q: How can I balance sunlight exposure in a multi-story home?

Placing sun-loving plants in south or east-facing windows and shade-loving plants in north or west-facing windows helps balance sunlight exposure.

Q: What is the significance of pruning in container gardening for Vastu?

Pruning not only maintains plant health but also symbolizes removing negativity and fostering positive growth in the living space.

Q: Can I use artificial plants for Vastu container gardening?

While real plants are preferred, high-quality artificial plants that mimic the energy of real ones can be used if caring for live plants is a challenge.

Q: How do I choose containers according to Vastu?

Choose containers that align with Vastu elements and colors. For instance, blue containers represent water element, while brown represents earth.

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