Best Vastu Consultant On Money

Best vastu consultant on Money

According to Vastu and astrology and the Best vastu consultant, the proper direction is to keep money or jewelry. If you keep the money in the right direction or place, then the money will increase and Barkatar will remain intact, but if not kept in the right direction, the money will decrease and the debt will also increase. So let’s know the proper direction to keep the money.

Do not keep money in this place: the direction between the south-east is called the angular angle. Having wealth here reduces wealth. Excess of income is incurred due to which the debt situation persists. After this, if the money is kept in the south direction then there is no loss but there is also no increase.

The direction between south and west is called the southwest angle. It is said that here the person who has earned money and jewelry is wrongly earned. This means less effort. Although it is said that there is money here when it is with that money it is not sure.

As per the Best vastu consultant keeping money and jewelry

In the west direction does not give any special benefit. According to the belief, by keeping money here, money comes into the house with great difficulty. The direction between the west and the north is called the aerial angle. If the money is kept here then the budget is always disturbed and the person is troubled by debt and debtors. It is difficult to get the same amount of income.

If you want to become the owner of immense wealth, then improve the Vastu of North direction, read 10 tips

According to Vastu Shastra, one of the four directions is ‘North Direction’. The north direction is addressed with the letter ‘U’. Magnetic waves enter the house from the north direction and these magnetic waves affect the blood circulation flowing in the human body, so the effect of north direction increases greatly from the health point of view. Lord Kuber resides in the building in the north direction of the house.

It is said that if this direction is kept according to Vastu, then one can become the owner of immense wealth and property. The people residing in the north facing building are not only happy in terms of health, they also remain prosperous and prosperous with wealth and splendor.

Let’s know 10 things to make North direction beneficial [ Best vastu consultant ]

1. For the peace of the house, the north direction should be lower than the central part of the house.

2. Do not put a water tap in the north direction of the house, it can lead to loss of money.

3. The place of worship and guest room in the north direction of the house is auspicious.

4. There should not be any broken wall or crack in any wall in the north direction, so that love remains between the members of the house.

5. Do not make kitchen in the north direction for peace and happiness in the house.

6. In the building of this direction, more and more open space should be left in the front.

7. Make underground water tank in the North-East, it helps the occupants of the building to save money.

8. Do not make toilet, bathroom in this direction.

9. Keeping an open terrace on the north side brings positive energy.

10. No corner of the north direction should be cut off.

Know what Vastu says about planting money plant:[ Best vastu consultant ]

There is such a belief in the public that by planting a money plant in the house, the arrival of money increases along with being in happiness and prosperity. Because of this, people plant this plant in their homes. According to Vastu Shastra, if the plant of money plant is not planted in the right direction in the house, then financial loss may also have to be suffered.

1. Vastu Shastris believe that the igneous direction is the most appropriate direction to plant money plant in the house. Planting this plant in this direction also gives the benefit of positive energy.

2. The reason for placing the money plant in Agneya i.e. south-east direction is that the deity of this direction is Ganesh ji while its representative is Venus.

3. Ganesh ji is the destroyer of evil while Venus brings happiness and prosperity. Not only this, but the reason for the bell and creeper is considered to be the planet Venus. Therefore, it is considered appropriate to place the money plant in the igneous direction.

4. Money plant should never be placed in the north-east direction.

Money plant continues,

5. This direction is considered to be the most negative for this, because the representative of the north direction is considered to be Devguru Brihaspati and there is a hostile relationship between Venus and Jupiter. Therefore, if this plant related to Venus is in the north direction, there is a loss. However, Tulsi plant can be planted in this direction.

6. It is said that the leaves touching the ground of money plant hinders happiness and prosperity and it is also a hindrance in success. If this is the case, then see someone’s support and offer it upwards.

7. If the leaves of the money plant start drying, then remove them immediately.

A money plant placed in the wrong direction can also cause you financial loss, that is, you may also have to face loss, loss of money.

Just keep these things in mind you will become very Rich

Perform Remedies only after properly studying your planets otherwise that could even backfire

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