How Should Be The Dining Room And Where To Keep Heavy Items As Per Vastu?

How should be the dining room and where to keep heavy items as per Vastu

According to Vastu shastra and the best Vastu consultant in Delhi NCR, after sitting at the dining table/dining table, you should stay away from fights, sarcasm, anger, mood-disturbing things. This place becomes even more energetic when it is praised for the sweet conversation, routine, mutual appreciation, and eating with the housewife who cooks and makes you enjoy all the pleasures of life. Come, know how your dining room should be as per the best Vastu experts in Delhi:

A mirror in the east or north direction in front of the dining table enhances the barkat of the food.

Posters of food dishes, fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. can be placed at this place.

 Dining table should be made of wood only. They should not be made of iron as iron rusts over time.

 Should not be black, slaty, beige, or dark brown in the colour

 Do not use TV during meals, but the concentration of your five senses should be on the food and other members nearby.

 If vengeful food or alcohol is not used on the dining table, it is only good.

Now let’s keep heavy items:-

It is often seen that whatever is in our house, it is kept in the northeast or northeast. Sometimes the machine is also placed in this direction. In such a situation, we get loss instead of profit and we have to face continuous loss.

If we make the tend in the south-west, unnecessary troubles can be avoided by having more convenience in keeping the goods. Similarly, if the machine or heavy object is kept in the south direction from the igneous angle to the southwest angle, then it will run more smoothly. The artisans doing mechanical work should also be placed in this direction.

It is often seen that ready-made stitching is done on the upper floors in residential houses, it is wrong. Doing this way reduces the life of the house. Stress also increases due to continuous vibration. If you keep the above things in mind, unnecessary troubles can be avoided.