Vastu Consultant In Noida On Northeast

Vastu consultant in Noida on Northeast

In Vastu Shastra and Hinduism as per Vastu consultant in Noida, the Northeast is given great importance.

It is said that the abode of all the gods is in the northeastern direction of the earth.

Considered to be the direction of Lord Shiva. Earth’s sky is more open and brighter in the northeast.

Let’s know, what the north-east angle of the house should be like.

The northeast angle is between the east and north of the house.

1. Use of yellow color:

Jupiter is the lord of the northeast, so yellow should be used in this angle. From this, only worldly and spiritual happiness and prosperity are decided. This angle should be well decorated.

2. Installation of water:

Water element is established in the northeast. Hand pumps, hods, or wells can be built in this direction of the house. Water can be stored here in a pot or pitcher of water should be set up here.

3. Pujaghar:

According to Vastu, a place of worship can be built here, but ask the information of any red book to build a house of worship.

4. Keep clean and empty:

This angle is going to give wealth, health, opulence, increase in offspring and give it stability, so this angle should always be kept clean and pure in the building.

5. Main Door:

It is considered very auspicious from the point of view of the main door of the house in this direction. If your house is downright beautiful then it is very good. Just you should keep the toilet, kitchen, and bedroom according to Vastu.

6. Vault:

It is said that the head of the household who holds money, money, and jewelry here is considered intelligent.

Vault if kept in the north-east, then a daughter of the house and if it is kept in the northeast,

then the son is very intelligent and famous.

It is worth mentioning that if there is any type of defect in the northeast and the guru is suffering in

the horoscope, then the native will have the devotion to worship, lack of faith in God, religion, and gurus,

decrease in income, decrease in accumulated wealth, delay in marriage. ,

Delay in childbirth, unconsciousness, abdominal disorder, ear disease, arthritis, constipation, insomnia, etc. are

likely to suffer. Keep reading more from the Vastu consultant in Noida.