Learn Nine Lucky Tips On How To Remove All Architectural Defects As Per Vastu

Learn Nine Lucky tips on how to remove all architectural defects as per Vastu

There can be many types of Vastu defects in the house or outside the house. Many types of diseases or mourning arise from Vastu dosha. So if your house is in a corner arrow crossroads south facing house or there is a Vastu Dosh in any way inside the house then you should try the above ten measures by the top best Vastu experts in Delhi and be sure.

The door of the house is in the South If your house is south facing then first of all plant a Neem tree at a distance of double the distance in front of the house. The second is to put a picture of Panchmukhi Hanuman over it. Life-sized mirrors can also be installed. The placing of the pyramid of Panchdhatu above the main gate also ends the Vastu Dosh. Get two stone idols of Ganesha with their backs connected. Fix this connected Ganesha idol in the middle of the main door so that one Ganesha looks inside and one outside.

Architectural defects as per Vastu continues………………..

The gates are in the same line. If the inner gates after your head are also in the same line then it also creates Vastu defects. For this put a thick curtain or a wind chime in the center of the house. If the hall or the room after your main door is large you can also do that in front of the second door at some distance put an equivalent piece of plywood and put a nice painting on it.

Incase the kitchen is not built at an Agni kone. If your kitchen is not built in an Agni kone then you should put a picture of Sinduri Ganesh at the northeast of the kitchen stand or put a photo of sages while performing a yagna.

Keep Karpur to erase Vaastu Dosha. If Vastu Dosha is present at any place of the house then keep two tablets of Karpoor there. When the cakes are finished melting then keep the other two. If you keep changing in this way then the Vaastu defects will not be created.

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If the bathroom and toilet are together. If the bathroom and toilet are together then it also causes terrible architectural defects. For this, you should always keep it clean. Keep blue mugs and buckets only. Fill the salt standing in a bowl and place it in a bathroom toilet. If your toilet is accidentally built in the northeast then it causes a lot of loss and unrest. As a first aid put a picture of a lion hunting outside.

The bedroom should be either in the southwest direction or the north direction is fine but if the bedroom is in a fire then a picture of the calm sea should be placed on the east-central wall. The head should always be kept towards the east or south direction.

Northeast means northeast direction.If there is any type of fault in the northeast direction then you should empty this direction and fill it with water in a brass pot in this direction or keep a basil plant and keep giving it regular water. Keep changing the water of the brass vessel regularly.

Architectural defects as per Vastu continues………………..

Recitation of Sundar Kanda or Ramcharit Keeps the recitation of Ramcharit or recitation of Sunderland from time to time to remove the architectural defects of the house. This will remove the negative energy of the house.

Make the house beautiful If there is an architectural flaw in the house then decorate the house with swastika signs mundane and plants. Use yellow pink and light blue. Keep heavy items like iron sawmills beds freezes etc in the south direction. Vastu defects can also be corrected by changing the location of the objects of the house.

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