Business-related To Planet Mercury

Business-related to planet mercury

Business-related to planet mercury:-Like other planets, the planet Mercury has its own distinct characteristics,

which planet Mercury is related to, which planets have conjunction and vision, and according to the relationship

with the tenth house and house, the business of a person will be determined.

Business related to the planet Mercury Craftsman, architect, village industry, writing, astrology,

space science, journalism, mathematics, poetry, art, painting, perfume industry, reporter, teacher, scientist,

manager, newspaper writing, etc. are the work areas of Mercury.

It is very important for Mercury to be auspicious for all this.

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If there is a relation of Mars with Mercury, then the person does business with the financial institution.

the same Mercury and Saturn; Goes in the field of chemistry, science, and administration. If there is a combination of Mercury and Saturn, then a person earns money from industries and if there is a combination of

Mercury and Rahu, then he gets the work related to machines, due to the relation of Jupiter and Mercury, a person earns money through any institution, he can go to any school or college. is the owner of.

When Mercury is in relation with the lord of the fourth house, the lord of the fifth house, and Venus in the horoscope of a person and Mercury makes a relationship with the tenth house, then the person earns money through artistic expression and entertaining expression.

Mercury is the planet related to writing, if it is related to the Sun, then the person belongs to an institution where writing work is done like writing officer or writing work in any language. If both the planets Mercury and Venus are inauspicious positions in the horoscope, then the person can do any kind of business-related to clothes. Contact us for more information!