akashic records

What are the Akashic Records?

So let us tell you that the Akashic Records is a collection of such a library that records all the information of all human events, thoughts, words, feelings, and intentions that will ever happen in the past, and present, or the future.

Simply put, the Akashic record is a vast library that automatically records everything that has ever happened in the past, everything that is happening in the present, and everything that will ever happen in the future.

Here all the information about every human being's past life, this birth, and future births is recorded.

Imagine having a library full of this specific information about each person. When you access and read your own personal book, you are able to learn about the unseen or unknown negative influences affecting your life and your relationships.

This cosmic record is made up of quantum waves that are spread throughout this universe and every living being is associated with these quantum waves. We can reach these Akashic Records with the help of our consciousness.

The word 'Akashik' in Akashik Records is derived from the Sanskrit language which means sky or space. That is a place in space or universe where data is stored. In Akashik Records everything is recorded means everything. Just as we use the Internet in today's time and the data of the Internet is stored in the cloud, that is, it is stored in the data center, in the same way, in the Akashic Records, all the information of this world is recorded.

The Akashic Record is a Theosophical concept, referring to the collection of all events and personal experiences of the world. And it is said that all this information of this Akashic Record is present in every particle of this universe. Akashik Records can only be accessed by people who know how to get there it is believed that the predictions made by the prophets get all the information from this Akashic record and their predictions are also quite correct. You can take the example of Baba Vanga, the prophet of the country of Bulgaria.

Baba Vanga had to lose her eyes due to an accident in her childhood, but later Baba Vanga got the unique power to see the future. Experts say that after Baba Vanga lost his eyes, his other senses became more active, due to which his sixth sense started becoming active. With this, she was able to access Akashika Records i.e. her senses were able to access that Akashik Records. We cannot reach the Akashic Records physically, they can be reached only by the powers of the mind and information can be obtained from there. Scientists believe that our brain produces waves and can also capture other waves, through which telepathy is possible and yes through these waves, etheric records can be accessed.

Concepts like Akashika Records are found in almost all the religions of the world.

Reading and healing the Akashic Records can help you find happiness by improving your personal relationships, reducing or eliminating pain, clarifying your soul's purpose, and enhancing your professional life. And in the coming time, man will be able to see his future with the powers of his mind.

And let us tell you that today's mainstream science does not accept the concept of this Akashic Records much. This subject is also like ghosts and aliens because scientists have not yet found concrete evidence of Akashic Records. But let us tell you that there are many such scientists in the world, who claim to have Akashic Records and do research on it. And now many scientists have started taking interest in this subject.