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  • Shopper's and Merchants can come under one roof and get the best services and opportunities !
  • Find your "Soulmate", Free Match-making results and all services related to Marriage under ONE ROOF !
  • Partnering with the best in the industry resulting in excellent track record of High online cyber security safety measures to protection Consumers and Businesses !
  • Citizens of India and NRI's of all Caste , Creed and Religion can register free !
  • Matrimony:-Platform for Single/divorce of all age groups with options to "Filter the search" and find your best partner and affiliates !Business at your disposal with lots of choices to deal with business for before and after Matrimony process.
  • Astrology:-Apart from loads of free information related to Astrology in this platform you have lots of options to choose from Astrology services for self or for family and friends where you can get answers from trained and professional astrologers !
  • Horoscope:-Platform where any on can come and do Matchmaking or get a Horoscope absolutely free of charge !
  • Vaastu:-In this Platform you have loads of free Vaastu information available and you can also locally book Vaastu visit by Vaastu experts to provide the best Vaastu solutions !
  • Free registration for Consumers [With paid options available as per your needs] !
  • This is a one in all app and you don't have to download multiple apps for Astrology, Vaastu, Matrimony , Pundit/Purohit and Matrimonial Businesses !
  • You get all in 1 services in one single app which saves time, energy and gets you involved in a community where you can deal directly with business from the comfort of your home !
  • VAK is loaded with free information and you can signup for free news letters and other information by downloading our App !
  • Citizens of India and NRI's of all Caste , Creed and Religion can register free !
  • Business comprising of all the dressmakers, florists, reception halls/Hotels, event planners, photographers, caterers, limo services, DJs, bands, jewelry designers, Honeymoon Travel packages and many more that many people now consider necessary for a wedding !
  • Free registration for Merchants [With paid options available as per your needs] !
  • Customized App where business can log in and get leads and reach out to consumers who chose to be reached !
  • Franchise opportunities coming in future !
  • Referral programs and promotions on regular intervals where you can win discounts/vouchers etc. on regular intervals !

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