Jain Matrimony

Jainism is one such religion, which is known for its simplicity and peace in the world, the religion of simple living and high thinking is Jainism. The speciality of Jainism is less to be described. Similarly, the rituals of weddings in Jainism are also different. However, you will find simplicity and purity in every ritual.

Lagna Patrika Vachan ritual is performed by the Jain people. It means writing the auspicious date. In this ritual, a small puja takes place at the bride's house. Where the date and time of marriage are fixed. The groom performs the Vinayak Yantra Puja. After which the priest sends the letter of the date of marriage to the groom's house. Which is called Lagna Patrika Vachan.

Marriage is Done by Jain Mantras

The way God is pleased by chanting the mantra. Similarly, mantras are recited in every auspicious work. Mantras have special significance in Hinduism or any religion. Just as mantras are recited during the marriage in Hinduism. Similarly, in Jainism, marriage is completed only after reciting the Jain mantra. The Namo Arihantanam mantra is recited.

Gandhi Bandhan

In Jain marriage, the ceremony of 'Gandhi Bandhan' is performed. During this ritual, the married woman ties the dupatta of the bride's lehenga to the groom's shawl. Due to this, the bride becomes Vamangi. That is the left hand of the groom. From this bond, the process of two people becoming one begins. After this, the bride and groom take seven rounds.

Jain Temple Visit

After the marriage is over, the bride and groom go to the Jain temple. Here he takes blessings from God for his new life. Along with this, he also donates things and money to the poor. So that there is always prosperity in their life. After marriage, it is necessary to go to the temple. Hope you liked this article of ours.