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Let us tell you that the existence of home, the world and the world is covered in seven rounds, but marriage rites were never in vogue since time immemorial and with the efforts of a sage, this tradition of descent was threaded into the rites of marriage. In such a situation, according to the scriptures, the tradition of marriage ceremony was started by the sage Shvetaketu and it is said that according to the Kaushitaki Upanishad, Shvetaketu was the son of the world famous guru devotee Aruni and the descendant of Gautam Rishi. It is said that Aruni was also called Uddalaka and in the Chandogya Upanishad, Shvetaketu is also described as the son of Aruni.

It is said that he was the nephew of the supreme knowledgeable saint Ashtavakra and he was also called Tatvgyan Acharya. Along with this, Shvetaketu, a resident of Panchal country, was also present in the meeting of King Janak and he was married to Suvarchala, the daughter of Deval Rishi. Let us know the next story due to which marriage came into play. According to the legend, in the olden times, when the marriage ceremony did not exist, women used to lead a free and free life and they had a tendency to have sex like animals and birds. At the same time, when Shvetaketu was sitting with his parents, then a Parivrajak came and took Shvetaketu's mother's hand and started taking her with him and seeing all this, Shvetaketu got very angry and lodged a protest against Parivrajak's conduct.

It is said that at that time his father explained to him that women are free like cows and they can mate with anyone and Shvetaketu felt very bad about this and said at that time that women should always be loyal to their husbands. And the sin of having intercourse with a Para-Purusha will be treated like feticide. In such a situation, the man who will have sex with other women except the virtuous woman may also incur this sin. It is said that in this way adultery was curbed and a civilized society was born and the process of making the society civilized was started by our Vedic sages.