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All The Rituals and Traditions of Hindu Marriage

Indian rituals are famous all over the world. When it comes to marriage, Hindu customs have their own flair. In them, there is a confluence of relationships, love and blessings along with rituals. Know about all the rituals of Hindu marriage.

Engagement is also of great importance in other religions including Hinduism. This is considered to be the most important custom of marriage. On engagement, two families make a formal announcement of the marriage of their children in front of relatives and close ones with mutual consent. After this, the bride and groom wear rings to each other. Engagement is also called Ring Ceremony.

If we talk about wedding rituals and not about music, how can this happen? In Sangeet Ceremony, the women of the family sing songs and dance. Everyone enjoys this ritual very much.

Marriage is incomplete without Haldi Ceremony

In this program, turmeric is applied to the bride and groom before the wedding or on the morning of the wedding. Family members and relatives apply turmeric to the bride and groom. Applying turmeric before marriage is considered auspicious. In this custom, the groom reaches the bride's house along with his father, relatives and friends. Here the parents of the bride greet all the relatives by applying tilak.

Welcome the groom

When the procession arrives at the main door, the aarti is first performed by applying tika to the groom and then the lace is cut. During this, everyone enjoys this ritual fiercely.

Jaimala Rsam

In this custom, the bride and groom wear garlands of flowers around each other's necks. After this, the families of both of them bless both of them. Jayamala is a very important wedding ritual. Jaimala means that the bride and groom have accepted each other as the life partner of their own volition.

Kanyadaan Rsam

It is such a ritual in which everyone gets emotional. In this ritual, the girl's parents pour holy water in their daughter's hand and keep it in the groom's hand. During this, a knot is tied in the bride's dupatta and the bride's sari. Areca nut, copper coins and rice are tied in this knot. All these things are considered auspicious.

Phere ki Rsam

Phere ki ceremony is one of the main rituals of marriage. The marriage is considered incomplete without the rounds. In this ritual, the bride and groom take rounds around the fire. In the first three rounds, the bride is ahead, while in the last four rounds, the groom walks ahead. During this, both take seven vows and take Agni as a witness and promise to support each other for life.

Shoe Hiding Ceremony

This is a very fun ceremony. The bride's sisters perform this ritual. In this, the bride's sisters i.e. the groom's daughter-in-law hide the groom's shoes and demand money and gifts instead of giving them. After that, the groom gives money and gifts to his daughters-in-law after getting the shoes. It is a ceremony full of laughter and fun. Both parties are eagerly waiting for this.

Farewell Or Bidaai

Farewell is such a ritual, in which everyone's eyes become moist. No matter how hard one's heart is, in this emotional moment, everyone's eyes are filled with tears. In this ritual, a daughter (bride) leaves her Babylonian home and goes to her in-laws' house with her spouse. During this, before crossing the door of the house, she throws three handfuls of rice and coins over her head in her house.