Indian Christian Wedding Rituals

Today in this article we will tell you about the customs and rituals before and after Indian Christian marriage.

Customs and rituals are a center of attraction in Indian weddings. In Indian weddings, whether it is Hindu customs, Bengali customs or Christian wedding customs, all the rituals are celebrated with great pomp. Today in this article we will tell you about the customs and rituals before and after Indian Christian marriage.

Christian marriage has always been known for its class in the Indian society. From bridal outfits to floral decorations, everything feels like a dream wedding. A Christian wedding in India is a happy mix up of Hindu and Christian rituals. The bride wears a fairy-tale white gown to her wedding, which her Prince Charming picks up on her like the prince of dreams. Let us know about the customs and rituals associated with Indian Christian Wedding.

Pre-wedding rituals

1. Engagement Ceremony

The first ritual in a Christian wedding is the engagement ceremony. The engagement ceremony is hosted by the bride's side, where close relatives and friends are involved in addition to the family. In this ceremony, couples wear rings to each other.

2. Bachelor Parties

Before the wedding, the bride and groom have bachelor or bachelorette parties with their friends and siblings. The party organized by the girls is called bachelorette party, which is hosted by the bride's sister and girlfriends together. At the same time, the party organized by the groom is called bachelor party, which is hosted by the groom's brother and friends together. This party is hosted so that the bride and groom start their life happily.

Rose ceremony

This ceremony is also called 'Haldat'. According to North Indian Christian belief, turmeric and sandalwood paste is applied on the bride and groom in this ceremony. Apart from 'Haldat', this ceremony is also called 'Ros' in North India. At the same time, in addition to turmeric and sandalwood, coconut paste is applied on the occasion of Rose Ceremony in Western and South India.

Christian wedding rituals

1. Glorious reception of the bride

On the day of the Christian wedding, the bride arrives at the wedding venue in the car sent by the groom. On this special occasion, the groom picks up his beautiful bride with a bouquet of flowers and takes her inside the church. By the way, in weddings of other religions, the groom is welcomed at the altar, but in Christian weddings, the bride is welcomed. Later the father of the bride takes his daughter down and hands her over to the groom. It is a kind of father's blessing.

2. 'The Crowd' at the Christian Wedding

The 'mob' is one of the obligatory ceremonies in Catholic Christian ceremonies, which begin after the Prayer of the Fathers. The reason behind this ritual is to bless the bride and groom. After this the father tells the bride and groom about the importance of marriage apart from the 'mob'. The couple then exchanges rings, after which both sign the register of marriages and make their marriage legal before God and the law.

3. Wedding Vows

As a promise to each other, both the bride and groom write their respective wedding vows, which they read at the time of the wedding. Pledge is a message of love and respect for each other.

4. Christian Wedding Ceremony

After taking the oath of marriage, the father asks both the bride and groom 'will they always support each other in love and health?' Then the couple says, 'Yes I can.' Then the father calls both of them husband and wife and then at last the couple ends the marriage rituals with kiss and starts a new life of their life.

5. The bride throws the bouquet at the end of the wedding

After the wedding ceremony, the bride tosses her wedding bouquet and all the unmarried girls try to hold it. It is said that whoever catches it, gets married soon.

Post wedding rituals

1. Bride and Groom's Reception Party

A reception party is organized after the wedding, where the bride and groom perform a ballroom dance sequence. In this ceremony, the bride and groom also cut the cake and then have dinner with the family.

2. Toasting at the Wedding Reception

In a Christian wedding, you will definitely get wine along with good food. In the reception ceremony, a soft song for the bride and groom's Happy Married Life is accompanied by toasted wine glasses. After this both leave for honeymoon.