Nakshatra Dosh Pujan Mool Shaanti

Nakshatra Dosh Pujan Mool Shaanti

Nakshatra Dosh Pujan Mool Shaanti

The scriptures believe that the junction areas are always delicate and inauspicious. For example, the path (intersection trip), the time of day and night, the season, the place of marriage and planets, etc., are not considered auspicious. Similarly, the Gand-Mool Nakshatras coming in the conjunctival area are very dangerous and give bad results. Scripture states that the harmony of these constellations is essential for the happiness of the offspring born under them. By doing Mool Shanti, the defects caused by them get pacified.

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What is Gand Mool Nakshatra

When the end of the zodiac and the constellation coincide, there are three such instances. This position is called "Gand Nakshatra". A new zodiac and constellation begin from this end. Thus, they are referred to as the mool constellation.
In this fashion, three constellations are referred to as Gand and three as Mool.

The Gand and Mool Nakshatras Can be Seen as Follows.

Cancer and Ashlesha constellations end together.

The Magha Nakshatra and the Leo Zodiac are descended from this.

Hence Ashlesha is Gand and Magha is the original constellation.

Scorpio zodiac and Jyestha constellation end together, due to the origin of Mool Nakshatra and Sagittarius sign, Jyestha will be "Gand" and "Mool" original constellation.

Revati Gand and Ashwini are called Mool Nakshatras since Pisces and Revati Nakshatras end together and the beginning of Aries and Ashwini Nakshatras from here.

The lord of the above three Gand Nakshatras Ashlesha, Jyestha and Revatika is the planet, Mercury.

and the three original constellations Magha,

The ruling planet of Mool and Ashwini is Ketu.

When the Gand-Mool Nakshatra returns on the 27th or 10th day Chanting the mantras of the concerned Nakshatra and Nakshatra lord, worship and peace should be done. Out of these constellations in which the child was born, chanting and havan should be done in the prescribed number of that constellation.

Result of birth in Gand Mool Nakshatras

The father of a male child born in the first phase of Mool Nakshatra suffers, in the second phase, the mother suffers and in the third phase, there is a loss of wealth. If you are born in the fourth stage then it is auspicious.

If a child (female) is born, then in the first phase it is destroyed for the father-in-law, in the second phase for the mother-in-law and in the third phase for both families. If there is a birth in the fourth phase, it is auspicious.

Auspicious for the person born in the first phase of Ashlesha, second In the third stage, there is a loss of wealth and wealth and in the third stage, the mother suffers.

If born in the fourth stage, the father suffers. If the child born is female, then in the first phase, happiness and prosperity and in other phases the mother-in-law is suffering.

Trouble to the mother of the person born in the first phase of Magha, In the second stage, the father is troubled, the third stage If I am born in the fourth stage of happiness, prosperity and wealth the gain.

In the first phase of Jyestha, the elder brother was destroyed, the second younger brother suffers in the step, and the mother in the third
and himself when he is born in the fourth stage
is painful.

If a woman is born In the first phase to the brother-in-law, in the second to the younger sister/brother-in-law
The third, suffering for the mother-in-law/mother. IV

If you are born in feet, it is best for your brother-in-law. Revathi's In the first three phases, a male/female person should be born.

So very auspicious, profit from royal work and wealth increases. But if you are born in the fourth stage
It is painful for oneself. 

In the first phase, the father suffers, in the remaining three phases, money- Good fortune, profit from the kingdom and respect