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Book Pandit for Puja

Book pandit for puja

Do not throw flowers offered to God, but do these three things, learn from pandit ji

Worship of God is very important in Hinduism. There are many rules and regulations for worshiping in religious scriptures. One of these is offering flowers to God. To pay respect to the deity, people offer various fragrant flowers to him. Bella, rose, marigold, hibiscus etc. are some of these flowers, which can be offered to every god. But what should be done with these temporarily offered flowers to God? This question arises in everyone's mind.

Usually, people flow the flowers on the idol of God into the river or keep it under a Peepal tree. But Pandit Kailash Narayan of Ujjain says, 'Flowing flowers in the water of the river is not wrong from a religious point of view, but from an environmental point of view, it is not considered right. Therefore, if you are not able to flow the flowers offered on the idol of God to a holy river, then you can also accept it as a prasad in different ways. Yes, if you throw them in the garbage, it is called disrespect to God.'

Not only this, Pandit ji tells what you can do with the flowers on the idol of God.

If you offer flowers to the idol of God every day (these 6 flowers will be offered on Shivling), then obviously you will have a lot of old flowers collected within a week. In such a situation, instead of throwing flowers, prepare compost from them and mix it in the soil of any tree or plant. This will also increase the greenery and there will be no disrespect to God. To make compost for old flowers, you put soil in a pot and keep collecting old flowers in it. When the pot is full, close it for 20 days. After 20 days your compost will be ready.

You can also accept roses and marigold flowers offered to the Lord as prasad. It is also very beneficial for your health. Pandit ji says, 'If rose flowers are offered more on the idol of God, then you collect them and wash them with clean water. After that you dry them and then use them in food and drink. This will make it easier for you to accept these flowers as prasad. You can repeat the same process with the marigold flower.

Many times it happens that when we go to the temple, Pandit ji gives us the prasad of God along with the flowers offered to him. In such a situation, you can keep these flowers with you by tying them in a red cloth. Pandit ji says, 'Tie the flowers offered to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi in a red cloth and keep them in your safe. This reduces your financial troubles and you do not feel short of money.