Naam Karan Puja

This particular article is based on this naming ceremony itself. Here we will tell you about this ritual in detail, in which you will get other information from its method.

The naming ceremony has its own importance in Hindu scriptures. It is believed that the name of each person has an effect on his deeds. Therefore, the naming ceremony is a must after the birth of the baby. During this time, parents keep their baby's name thoughtfully. At the same time, nowadays people search online and choose the most different name for their child.

What is the Naam Karan Puja ceremony?

There are 16 sacraments mentioned in Hinduism, of which the naming ceremony is the fifth. It is made up of a combination of two words 'name' and Sanskrit word 'Karan' which means to make or keep. Some people also call it 'Palan Rohan'. In Sanskrit, 'cradle' means swing and 'rohan' means to sit. During this the baby is named. This is the first sanskar of the baby after birth. However, before this Jatakram sanskar is also done, but now it is not so much in vogue. This is the reason why the day of naming ceremony is special for parents, other family members and relatives. Next we are telling how this fifth sanskar of Hinduism is performed.

How Naam Karan Puja is performed:-

(1) On this day the parents bathe and wear new clothes and the baby is also bathed and dressed in new clothes.
(2) Then the parents take the child in their lap and sit at the place of havan.
(3) After this the pandit makes the horoscope of the child after performing the havan. According to the horoscope, a letter is selected according to the zodiac sign of the child. Parents name their baby starting with this letter. Nowadays, people get to know the alphabets by making a horoscope in advance and accordingly think of a good name in advance.
(4) After worship etc., the parents utter the name of the child in the ear and then one by one with full affection all the members and relatives take the child in their lap and call him by his name.
(5) In some communities, five married women are included during this and in their presence worship is done by law.

When and why is the Naam Karan Puja performed?

This sanskar is performed 10 days after the birth of the child on some auspicious time. It is believed that the name of the child affects his personality and conduct. A good name motivates him to become a virtuous and cultured person. Therefore, the name should always be meaningful. Also, on the day of the naming ceremony, the child gets a new identity, due to which he is recognized throughout his life. This is the reason why the naming ceremony has its own importance in Hinduism.

Where is the Naam Karan Puja done?

It is not certain where the naming ceremony should be performed. Therefore, some do it at home, some in the temple. Everyone does it according to their financial capacity. It is certain that wherever it is done, that place should be clean. By the way, the temple is considered to be an auspicious and pure place for the naming ceremony, but if you do it at home, then you must first clean the house thoroughly. Nowadays people do it lavishly by putting up a pandal or booking a hotel.

Choosing the right name for baby

The name of a child has a great impact on his future life. To a large extent, the nature of the child is decided by the name itself. It is believed in Hinduism that if the name of the baby is not kept according to his horoscope, then the child has to face many problems in the future. Therefore, parents keep their child's name with great care. Generally, five types of principles are followed while naming, which are as follows – Nakshatranama (according to the planetary positions), Devtanama (on the presiding deity of the family), Masanama (on the basis of the month), Sanskarikama (worldly name) ) and Rashinama (depending on the zodiac sign). To choose the right name for your child, you can click on these links given below –

Precautions to be taken on the day of Naam Karan Puja

On the day of naming ceremony, both mother and baby should take some precautions so that they do not face any kind of trouble. Here are some things you can keep in mind for that special day:

(1) Proper sleep: On the day of naming ceremony, mother and child are surrounded by relatives. For a long time they have to sit at the Havan Sthal. Therefore, both should definitely get enough sleep before that, so that they do not feel any kind of tiredness. At the same time, if the child falls asleep in the middle, then take care that his sleep is not disturbed.

(2) Dress: Both mother and baby should wear comfortable clothes according to the season, so that they do not face any kind of discomfort. Also, do not forget to put the baby in the diaper and keep checking the diaper in between. You can also prepare a separate bag for the baby, in which he has one or two pairs of clean clothes, diapers, cream, powder and milk etc.

(3) Feeding: Keep in mind the timing of the baby's milk. The child may feel hungry again and again. Therefore, you should keep feeding him from time to time, so that his stomach is full and he can play happily.

Tips for Hosting a Good Naam Karan Puja

Here we are giving some important tips, with the help of which you can organize the naming ceremony in a better way:

(1) Budget: First of all you should decide your budget that how much you have to spend, only then plan ahead.
(2) List of Guests: After the budget is fixed, prepare a list of whom to call in the ceremony. Due to this you are afraid of not calling your loved ones