Sri Ram Katha Paath Pandit

Sri Ram Katha Paath Pandit

Sri Ram Katha Paath Pandit

The fruit of Ram Katha is very sweet and should be distributed among others also. 

Digital Desk, Nagpur. There is nothing sweeter in the world than the story of Shri Ram. The sweet fruit of the story of Shri Ram can be obtained by listening to him. The fruit that is obtained from Shri Ram Katha should be distributed among others. Unparalleled satisfaction is obtained from the taste of the distributed fruit. This brings happiness in life and gives happiness to the mind.

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Whenever a devotee falls in love with GOD, then GOD has to incarnate for His devotee. Every person in the world has come to get something or the other. Even if he gives something to someone, he is in the longing to get something. People don't give respect easily. They also give respect, if so to get back the same kind of respect from someone. The devotee who is associated with Shri Ram is always thoughtful. At the same time, he also starts thinking about the welfare of the world.

God is Under the Control of Emotion

Everything is possible in the world, there is no lack of anything. If there is a lack, then we have your feeling, because God is under the control of emotion. From the story of Rama, we get the education of sanskars.

Those who listen to the story with a true heart, they set an ideal in the society by getting beyond the obstacles. Nothing is more important than the story of Shri Ram in Kali Yuga. There is a guru of all the three worlds more than Bholenath. He even drank poison to protect the universe. His grace falls on all equally. Mother Parvati is the real form of Bhagwati.