Navargah Shaanti Pujan & Hawan Pandit

Navargah Shaanti Pujan & Hawan Pandit

Navargah Shaanti Pujan & Hawan Pandit

Shri Navagraha Puja Samagri 

Apart from this, if a particular planet is to be pacified, then the following material will be required for the donation of each planet-

For the donation of the Sun planet 

Gold-copper, wheat, jaggery, red flowers, red clothes, saffron, khus, mansil, gold, red cow with calf, red lotus, red sandalwood, sathi rice, Surya idol or yantra printed on gold leaf and Ruby.

For Sun Shanti - recite Aditya Hriday Stotra. The service of parents and the Sun should be offered by adding roli and red flowers to the sun. Get up before sunrise and observe a Sunday fast. It is best to do 7000 chants of Surya's mantra “Om Ghrini: Suryaya Namah”. Wearing a copper ring or ruby ​​in the ring finger or on Hasta Nakshatra or Sunday will also be auspicious. Use less salt. Respect the elderly. Participate in religious and social functions.

For donation of moon planet - white clothes, silver, milk, water full Aquarius, coconut with water, white sandalwood, silver moon, bilbapatra, white confectionery, white bull or cow, rice, bamboo vessel, basket, conch, camphor Ghee, curd, sugar, sugar candy, white flowers, pearls.

For Chandradev Shanti  - recite Chandra Stotra or worship and do Abhishek to Lord Shiva. Fast on Monday, travel to the mountains and get blessings by touching the feet of the Mother. Chant the mantra “Om Somaay Namah” 11000 times. Wear a pearl of at least 5 Ratti in the little finger.

For the donation of Mars – red clothes, copper, lentils or lentils, sweet bread, red bull, gold, jaggery, red sandalwood, ghee, saffron, musk, wheat, red kaner, red colored fruit, red colored Flowers, Mars statue of gold or copper, coral.

For the Shanti  of Mars - Offer jasmine oil mixed vermilion and pure ghee to Hanumanji and recite Mangal Stotra. Offer prasad of Imarti, Jalebi, Boondi and Churma. Don't have enmity with your family members. Give respect to your brother. Feed food to the poor and jaggery gram to monkeys, observe a fast on Tuesday. Say "Om Angarakaya Namah" aloud. 28000 times Wear coral in the ring finger.

For donation to the planet Mercury - Green clothes, green vegetables, moong dal, emerald, gold, silver work.

For the Shanti  of the planet Mercury - one should worship Mandurga, recite Budha Stotra. , green moong in water, then feed the birds. Feed spinach or green fodder to cows. Give freedom from cages to birds especially parrots. Get blessings by paying obeisance to girls younger than nine years of age by washing their feet. Keep fast on Wednesday. Get the compassion of Mercury by doing 9000 chants of the mantra “Om Bu Budhay Namah”. Put a little emerald on your little finger.

For the donation of Jupiter planet – Jaggery, gram or gram lentils, banana, yellow clothes, yellow fruits, saffron, ghee, gram flour, salt, sweets, turmeric, gold, topaz.

For the Shanti  of Jupiter Dev Guru - Respect Brahmins and get their blessings. Apply saffron tilak on the head and donate knowledge-enhancing books to deserving people. Serve eunuchs. Worship Lord Brahma with a banana and get blessings by respecting the family priest. Read Brihaspati Stotra, worship Lord Lakshmi-Narayan, tell the story of Satyanarayan. Offer turmeric mixed water to the banana tree. Keep fast on Thursday. Chant the mantra “Om Brihaspataye Namah” for 19000. Wear topaz in the first (first) finger.

For donation of Venus – colored clothes, perfume, sandalwood, camphor, sugar, diamond, gold, silver.

For the Shanti of the planet Venus - recite Kanakdhara daily, recite Shukra Stotra. White and clean clothes should be worn. Serve the cow and feed jaggery, green fodder, gram dal to the cows in the cowshed. Especially worship of Sri Vidya. Get blessings by giving dakshina to a single Brahmin by feeding kheer in a bronze bowl. In special circumstances, if there is a disease, then chant the mantra of Mritya Sanjeevani. You should respect your wife. Be patient. Avoid addictions. Keep fast on Friday. 16000 times, repeat the phrase "Om Shukrai Namah." (middle finger) Wear a diamond in the middle finger.

For donation to the planet Saturn – black clothes, urad dal, black sesame, mustard oil, steel utensils, iron objects or iron, gold, sapphire, buffalo, black blanket, shoe.

For the Shanti  of the planet Shani - worship the Peepal tree and Bhairav, worship Shani Dev. Offer Imarti, urad dal, curd to Bade Bhairavji and distribute it in prasad. Recite Shri Hanuman Chalisa and Sundarkand regularly. Donate fried food items to the labourers. Fast on Saturday. Maintain good cordial relations with father's relatives. Do Abhishek with sesame oil on Shani on Saturday. Recite Shani Stotras. Do 23000 chants of the mantra “Om Shanaishcharaya Namah”. (middle finger) Wear a sapphire in the middle finger.

For donation to the planet Rahu - black clothes, urad dal, black sesame, gold, onyx, black or blue blanket.

For the Shanti  of Rahu - Mother Saraswati should be recited and worshiped, eat only pure vegetarian food made at home. Do not allow any type of electrical goods to be collected and do not take electrical goods for free. Serving maternal kin while avoiding pornographic or violent media. Worship Lord Ganesha, worship Maa Durga. Do 18000 chants of the mantra “Om raan rahwe namah” “ॐ bhraam bhrain bhraun sa: rahwe namah”. Wear onyx. Its nature is like that of Saturn. Therefore, do charity or peace for them on Saturday. Wednesday is also auspicious for them.

For donation of planet Ketu – black clothes, urad dal, black sesame, gold, garlic,Black or brown blanket, iron.

For the Shanti  of the planet Ketu - worship Ganesha. Feed bananas to children and offer a flag at any religious place. Feed oiled roti to dogs. Never hurt dogs. Worship Lord Ganesha, or worship the Shiva family. Chant the mantra “Om ke ketve namah” for 17000 times. Wear garlic. Its nature is like that of Mars. Therefore, do charity or peace for them on Tuesday. Wednesday is also auspicious for them.