difference between pandit and priest

What is the difference between a pandit and a priest?

Hear this stop, the one who earns his living by doing priesthood, he is not a brahmin, but a petitioner. The one who makes his living by astrologer or constellation knowledge is not a brahmin, he is an astrologer. The pundit is called an expert in any subject and the one who tells the story is not a Brahmin but a storyteller.

What should I do to become a Pandit?

Listen to it, often people call the priest as Pandit ji or the priest as Acharya and even the listeners are not able to give them the right knowledge. These are the names of special posts which have nothing to do with any particular caste. Guru: Gu means darkness and Ru means light, that is, the person who takes you from darkness to light is a Guru.

What is the job of a priest?

Listen to this, stop the priest, the chief priest who becomes the leader of the king or any other host and performs the rituals like yagya etc. Nowadays, the brahmin who performs the rituals is called a priest. In the Vedic period, the priest had great authority and was counted among the ministers.

What is the definition of Pandit?

Hear this Rokepandit (Pandit) means scholar or teacher, especially one who is competent in Sanskrit and Hindu law, religion, music or philosophy.

Which caste do Pandits belong to?

Listen to this Stop because most of the people consider Pandit and Brahmin to be the same. It is considered as a caste.

What is a pandit who performs religious rituals in a crematorium called?

Listen to this, stop this Pandit is called Pandey, Pandey, Pandya.

Who was the priest king?

According to Rigveda, Vishwamitra and Vasistha were the priests of King Sudas of Tritsu clan. Shantanu's priest was Devapi. It was necessary to keep the king as a priest for the performance of the yagya ceremony. The priest used to assure the safety and victory of the king in the war through his praises.

How many castes are there of Pandit?

Listen to this, the description of 8 distinctions of Brahmin is found in the smriti-puranas:- mere, brahmin, srotriya, anucana, embryo, rishikalpa, rishi and sage.