rudrabhishek puja

Know the method of doing Rudrabhishek and its benefits according to astrology

Worship with this method:

By doing Rudrabhishek, the accomplishment of work is done quickly. Offer cow's milk or sugarcane juice on Shivling to the person who desires wealth. A person desirous of happiness and prosperity should be bathed with a solution of sugar and dry fruits in cow's milk. 

Rudrabhishek should be done with mustard oil for enemy destruction, with butter or ghee for the attainment of children, with honey for the attainment of land, building and vehicle. If there is trouble or disease related to Sun in the birth chart, then grind the leaves of Shwetark and mix it in Ganga water and perform Rudrabhishek.

If there is any trouble or disease related to Moon, then grind black sesame and mix it in Gangajal, if there is trouble or disease related to Mars, then mix Amrita juice with Ganga water, if there is any disease or trouble caused by Mercury, then with the juice of Vidhara, trouble or disease caused by Jupiter. 

If there is turmeric mixed with milk, if there are diseases and troubles related to Venus, then with buttermilk of honey, if there is any disease or trouble related to Saturn, grind Shami leaves and mix it in Ganga water, in case of pain and suffering caused by Rahu, Durva mixed with Ganga water. In case of Ketu-borne troubles or diseases, grinding the root of Kush and mixing it in Ganges water, after doing Rudrabhishek, all the problems caused by planets are summoned.