Maa Baglamukhi Jaap Puja & Hawan Pandit

Maa Baglamukhi Jaap, Puja & Hawan Pandit

Through this ritual, the merchant class is getting a lot of benefits after performing rituals in their life and can take their business to great heights and can solve all the problems related to business and can feel joy in their life. In today's era, every trader is surrounded by some or other problems, the fear of starting a business, the fear of successfully taking the business to the heights, the fear of loss due to business and the fear of debt, all this remains in this nature.

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There are two types of energy work, one sattvik and one atheist, now it depends on you which energy you are working on, this is the reason why you are being told for Havan, rituals because this is the Vedic system which was given by our sages. To whom we salute, again and again, the literal meaning of Rishi is research, our sages have done a lot for mankind, for whom we will always be grateful. 

    1. Lotusknot
    2. Indrajaun
    3. Plasflowers
    4. Yellow mustard
    5. Mishri
    6. Black pepper
    7. Turmericknot
    8. Snakesaffron
    9. Seafoam
    10. Kunlaja
    11. Clove
    12. Cardamom
    13. Frankincense
    14. Google
    15. Lajwanti
    16. black sesame
    17. Nagarmotha
    18. Lodh
    19. GaurakhMundi
    20. Brahmi
    21. Jathamasi
    22. WhiteSandalwood
    23. Red sandalwood
    24. Lodh
    25. MalKangani
    26. Balchhad
    27. Hauber
    28. AgarTagar
    29. Gaukhru
    30. Mishri
    31. Kathari
By taking all the material according to the requirement, you should get this ritual done by a block scholar on Thursday night and take advantage of this ritual, you can also take advantage of this ritual by our block scholars at your home.