Shrimad Bhaagwat Katha Paath Pandit

Shrimad Bhaagwat Katha Paath Pandit

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What is the effect of Shrimad Bhagwat in our life? 

The story of Shrimad Bhagwat frees man from the fear of death. Those on whom God's special grace has been received, they have reached this Katha Mandap. Said that the soul, being the form of God, does not try to recognize God. That is why he does not get pleasure. Bhagwat is a book of philosophy of life. It guides the art of living life. Krishna's gopis are the ideal of devotion to the Bhagavatam. The gopis did not leave the house. She did not relinquish her religion, she did not go to the forest, yet she could attain Shri Bhagwan.

The story of Bhagwat means the story of God, but the story of God is incomplete without the story of the devotees, so in every scripture, along with the story of God in the Puranas, the story of the devotees also comes. What we hear with our ears enters our heart, and then that is what we speak. If we listen to the story, then the story will come out of our mouth.

Bhagavad Gyan is the story of awakening dispassion. Knowledge and dispassion are in man, but he is asleep. Apart from the Bhagwat, there is no other book which can show the path of liberation to a human being in seven days only.
By listening to the story, one gets freedom from the sins of birth.
Katha is not just for listening but take it in your life, follow it.
By worshiping God, a person not only becomes self-confident, but also instills faith in others.

The saints tell four benefits of listening to the story:-

Temper tantrums,
Purification of soul,
Exclusive devotion,
Love from devotees,
Craving-free attitude

If the story is told honestly and listened to it, then there is no desire to get both to be told and to the listener. Have come to see, the ordinary mirror shows only the outer appearance and the story shows the inner feelings, what we really are.
And the speaker, that is, the speaker, should not consider the story as a means of business or livelihood. The listener is doing only one thing, only listening, but the speaker is doing two things simultaneously, one is listening and listening together. When you keep such honesty, then there is a desireless attitude.

Purification of conscience:-

Satsang story is a broom, like an open ground, sweep it two or three times, everything becomes clear, so keep sweeping satsang in your heart, like if we go out for a few days and when we come back, we see That when we went, all the windows had gone by closing the doors, yet how did the dust come.
Similarly, even if there is a saint, if he closes the doors of satsang, then dirt, dust gets accumulated inside them too. For this, keep sweeping the broom in the form of story, in the form of satsang.

Unique devotion:

When we keep hearing about someone whom we have never seen, then by listening to him again and again, our love for him automatically awakens. Devotion automatically awakens. Just like a woman who is greedy for money, in the same way, we start feeling dear to Shyama Shyam.

Love from the Devotees :-

The devotee always prays to God that, O Nath, such a man who is engaged only in women, wealth, son etc., should not be accompanied even in a dream, if we have any crime, crucify us, give poison to the elephant. Crush down, feed the lion, even after this there will be no sorrow, but one who is estranged from the saint, is away from Hari, is away from the guru, who does not love God and the devotees, we should not have any relation with them.

The story of Shrimad Bhagwat changes the direction of our life. The current of thinking starts flowing in the right direction.